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 I am looking for info on the wife of Elisha Heath. I have been stuck on this line for years. I have found that he was born in Canada. around 1812. Shows up in North Berwick, Maine in 1850 census. I have that they removed to Stratham NH in 1853. Elisha's wife was either Sarah or Sally Brown (Acorrding to census records). I have in my records that Sally/Sarah Brown was born 1813 or 1816 in Wells, Maine. In the info I got from my Grandfather before he passed mentrioned that Sally/Sarah had a brother named John Credifer Brown Sr.


I have nothing on there death dates.


The old family story goes as this:

Sarah and Elisha removed from Stanstead, Canada with their children to Stratham, New Hampshire in the spring of 1853. Sarah cooked enough biscuits for the trip and Elisha would buy milk from the farmers along the way. The trip was made by covered wagon, probably with a pair of horses. He hoped to get work at the shipyard in Kittery, Maine. But the shipyard was closed down before they arrived. Could be she had relatives there, her brother John Credifer Brown Sr. lived in Berwick, Maine.


They settled in Stratham, New Hampshire.

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Hi...I am related to an Azariah Heath, married to Mollie Bacon somewhere around the Broome County N.Y. area. Any connection? Contact me at missvjkane@yahoo.com if any interest. 


I think that I may have found something for you.  I think Elisha's wife may have been Sally BRAWN, born 13 June 1813 in Wells, dau of Isaiah & Mary (Crediford) Brawn. Sally had a brother John Brawn b. 1811 so it makes sense that he could be the "John Credifer Brown" in your family story.  The BRAWN family has definite ties to Berwick - my ancestry comes from this family (via Michael Brawn/Brann b. c.1756 prob. Berwick m. Betty Weymouth in Berwick)   although the descent from the immigrant Michael Brawne b. 1609  from Devon is a bit sketchy.

It is a bit of serendipity that I found this - yesterday I was reviewing some ancestry.com DNA results for a "3rd cousin" match and by process of elimination, decided to look at his Elisha Heath & Sally Brown line to see if by chance Sally could be a Brawn and I found your query.  There is a marriage record for Isaiah Brawn & Mary Crediford for 1 Dec 1803 in Wells, Maine.  I have not yet worked out where Isaiah fits into the Brawn tree, but would be happy to keep in touch as I find more.

email: susannah.zemke@aya.yale.edu

I am looking into it more. Thank you.

I have found an Elisha Heath who died in 16 OCT 1865 in Wheelock, Caledonia, Vermont. Listed as dying of Dropsy. This Elisha Heath was also born in Stanstead Quebec. I wonder if it is the same person. His wife is listed as Cynthia Willey. They had a son name Frank born in May of 1865.


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