I am hoping that someone can help me confirm that Eliza Everton who married Calvin Whitney in Thomaston in 1821 was the daughter of Zephaniah Everton and Margaret Watson. This is listed in numerous family trees but I have not been able to find any proof, at least on line. Thank you!

David Gilliard

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Dave, if anyone ever gets this to you, let me know. The best I could do was the DAR entry by his (Zephaniah"s) granddaughter, the daughter of Eliza and her 2nd husband, Joseph Thompson. I figured the granddaughter ought to know who her Mother and grandfather was, right?

Marion Whitney Martin

Hi Marion,

I will let you know. Have you had any luck finding Calvin Whitney's parents?


No, The best I could come up with is a Joshua from Vermont and I can't figure out who HIS parents were. He DID have a son Haynes and it has been proposed that perhaps his son John MIGHT have been John Calvin..... Too many maybes for surety! Calvin DID name his last son Joshua.... Needs more work.



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