Hi, I havelocated on family search the marriage for Ellery Prescott & Marian F Jackson, married 9/8/1930.  It does not list her parents, as I am confused.  Who were her parents,  I would appreciate any help.  Greatly appreciated.  Thanks Lois  I also do not know her dob, or death dates

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I can help you with this! Ellery, and Marian are my great grandparents. Their daughter, Addie Mae is my grandmother. 

Marian Jackson was born Marian Fitch. She was born in 1913, She was 1 of 14 children and had a twin brother named Myron  Her mother died, and they were adopted by another family member, which is why her last name changed. Her parents were James A Fitch born aprox 1863 and Ora B (Cargill ) Fitch born 4/8/1873. Ora died 4/9/21 


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