Ernest and Ella(Nixon) Feener came from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia in early 1920's. Ella was my mother's first cousin. They had 3 children that I am aware of; Gertrude,Irene and Donald.  Looking for  obituaries if possible.  Believe they lived in Portland.

Tom King

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This is all I could find on Mary Ella Feener. Ernest Feener appears to have died about sometime in/before Dec 1948 as the second record shows.

from the Portland Press Herald 14 July 1950.

Portland Press Herald 17 Dec 1948

Here is a deed dated 29 June 1951 conveying part of the "Estate of the late Mary Ellen Feener, a/k/a/ Foner, late of Portland" [Cumberland Deeds vol. 2039, p. 252]:

A mortgage for this property dated 10 Sept. 1948 says that Ernest M. "Foner" died 22 Dec. 1946, "leaving this Grantor as the surviving joint tenant" [Cumberland Deeds, vol. 1927, p. 65].

The only obituary I was able to locate is a recent one for Gertrude here on the Press Herald's website. I also found a couple border crossing records for Ella, whose full name appears as Mary Eleanor, and Gertrude on Ancestry dated August 4, 1936 (they're quite blurry, unfortunately):

I found this in the 1947 Portland City Directory:

Feener Canadian census records for 1891, 1911 (several Feener families neighboring each other here), and 1921:

this card from Ancestry's US naturalization record index:

this clip from the Portland Sunday Telegram and Sunday Press Herald featuring two of Gertrude & her husband Erland Parker's children:

and this clip on a birthday party for Gertrude's daughter Erlene Ann, also from the Portland Press Herald, 14 July 1948 page 14:


Thank you very much.. Are you related to this family?  I've been following this line because I've come up to a brick wall  going the other way.   My mother's grandparents have me stuck in my tracks at the moment but I keep attacking and hope someday soon to break it down.


Earnest and Mary Ella Fenner are my great grand parents.  Gertrude Fenner Parker is my grandmother which I'm guessing makes us distant relatives. 


Yes we are cousins.  Mary Ella and my mother would be 1st cousins.  Their fathers were brothers; John and Thomas Nixon. John Nixon married Sophia Rogers and they had one son named Thomas and two daughters named Mary Elenor and Charlotte.  John's brother Thomas married Mary Josephine Comeau in Moncton, N.B. but moved to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.  That is where my mother and her brother John were born; my mother in 1909 and John in 1912.  In 1914 they were placed in an orphanage in Halifax, N.S. but adopted the following year by 2 different families on Cape Breton Island.  They never met again,even though they grew up in neighboring towns.

It's so good to hear from you.  Please stay in touch.  My email is  I'm not on facebook or any other social media.  I'm currently living in Rochester, N.H.



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