I am looking for information on Asa M. Fletcher, his father William Fletcher, his mother Lydia Fletcher, his siblings, and his children.  I know that they lived in Crawford and in East Machias.  I found the census records, but am getting stuck trying to get any farther.  If anyone has information, or knows where I could get information, it would be much appreciated.

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According to Drisko's Narrative of the Town of Machias, Asa's parents were William and Lydia (Holmes) Fletcher. Lydia was the daughter of James and Sarah (Berry-Lyons) Holmes, granddaughter of Samuel and Charity (Bryant) Holmes.
Thank you, that is very helpful. I very much appreciate your help. Thanks!

I have the complete  lineage information from Asa Fletcher (Mendon, MS), through Abraham, Timothy, Crocker, Earnest, Oscar, Leo, and then down to me.  The lineage goes from Mendon, to Machias, Crawford, Saint Anthony Falls (MN), Missouri, and then homesteading in Kansas.  I also have substantial information on the collateral branches, family documents, photographs back to the around 1870's.  Histories of famiily lumberjacking, farming, businesses, obituaries, etc., etc.  Currently completing a SAR application through the ASA lineage and have his revolutionary war information.  Also, copies of "The Fletcher Familly" history written in the 1870s is available for free online in PDF or, I believe, Kindle versions.  I have maps showing the old Fletcher homestead in Crawford, and my offical records photocopied directly from the old Washington County records still located in the Courthouse and the old town records - one of the very few County Courthouses that did NOT burn over the years and lose their records to the flames.  I don't know where you lie in the "tree" but perhaps some of what I have could be of assistance.

I also have some Fletcher family history preceeding Asa back to around 1100 a.d. which shows the family name to orginally have be de la Flechier from Switzerland, now a portion of Burgundy, France.  Came to Britain as knights fighting with William the Conqueror in 1066 and angeliciized name to "Fletcher" around 1400.  As part of their "prize" for supporting Williams, the de la Flechiers were given large landholdings in Wales and became inter-married with the former Welsh aristocracy with larger unpronouncable and un-spellable names.  I'm still not totally satisfied that this linkage is totally verifiable, however, and my current research on the early Fletcher roots is still a work in project.  It's a working hypothesis that seems to be reasonably supported, but I still am conservative and saying that this is absolutely correct.  Because several of my other ancestral bloodlines did provide clear verification of the Norman-Bretagne-Burgundy connection I am trying to "bootstrap" this information into a round-about, more or less, inductive approach.


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