Anyone able to help me out with this?

From a lookup in : Vital Records from Maine Newspapers 1785 - 1820 by David C. Young and Elizabeth Keene Young.

A posting on the MGS page on facebook advised me:  found a Capt. Israel Davis ae 70y died at Sedgick 20 Jun 1796. Sedgwick is not far by water from Castine. The notice (perhaps article) is in the Gazette of Maine published 1790 - 1806. Copies are found at American Antiquarian Society 185 Salisbury St. Worcester, MA; Houghton-Harvard College, Cambridge, MA; Portland ME Pub Library; Maine Historical Society, Portland, ME; and Dyer Library 371 Maine St. Saco, ME

This might be the death I am trying to find for my 6th G Grandfather.

If anyone might be able to look at this for me? {I live in FL} Thank you in advance...Laurie

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 I Dont trust David Young's information  I gave him some info and proof of what i had and he just blew me off as it didn't match the misinformation that he had im interested in the truth at all cost 

I know...sometimes it is a bit of faith but this is [purportedly] a trascription of papers, an index...and the original papers are really what I am looking for. Just hoping someone could look them up for me....

And since all the other possible leads I have tracked down and were not is worth a shot. Worse might be his son that I have no info for either....

No point in looking up ancestors that a are not yours !!!

but I would gladly take info on his son...he is a relation!

It is hard for me to imagine that a man with his military past, his merchant profession and then his law enforcement career afterwards would die and not be mentioned anywhere or have a grave. I think it is just out there needing to be found!


That book is held by several Florida libraries. Your local library in Florida can get it for you on loan:

I am not looking for this book - I already know and have received the index listing from it, the info from it is what I posted.

I am hoping that I may find someone who could actually look at the newspaper article and see what it says beyond the fact that it got into the index.

I don't know about that book, but the library here in Bangor tells me that there are no publicarions of news papers that go back that far here from maine.   They did say they havd genealogy's of Davis's at the library.  In any event this publication referenced most likely does not exist and more that likely if it did it would be massachusetts.  Kk  Ill check for you at the Library next wee when I go over.

I think it is a transcription with the title I indicated in BOLD:

Vital Records from Maine Newspapers 1785 - 1820 by David C. Young and Elizabeth Keene Young.

apparently the original info is from the paper :

Gazette of Maine  --- published 1790 - 1806.

sure not positive but it could have been him and the sketchy info I have may be wrong anyway.

I appreciate any help - thank you!  I wonder if the genealogy they are talking about is the one my father wrote....  ;)

Their are many Davis's burried in Deer Island.  I bet you would find some of you folks there.  Try also a book that you can only get at the library or any mormon research center by Dr. Benjamin Noyes.  He studied genealogy between 1820 something and 1945.  Also if you G Granfather was from this area and many people form Deer Isle are in Sedwick also so please do call the Deer Island Historical Society as they have many records and you will be able to find him there or she can tell you just who to get in touch. 

Most of my Davis family was in the vicinity of St Georges Lake in Waldo county. He was the first from Mass to have moved to Maine - due to his merchant activities. He was - at one point - the largest tax payer in Boothbay [info I received with the help of nice people there]. After he fought in the Revolution [and apparently lost huge sums of money] he lived in Lincoln county [Pownalboro] and the trail I can find of him dwindles off....

The only info on him after this that I can find is from his last wife's application for his pension - stating he "died in 1788 or 1789 while on business in either Castine or Eastport"   Seems odd...

Yes Pownalboro is what is now called Pownal its just outside of WaterVill Maine.  The people who came first to Pownalboro were from Irland and England.  My folks came here then too.  They were Hardy's they went up to Massachutts to escape the Indians who wiped out the settlement in Pownalboro.  They came onto and Island first called Arrowsic and settled Deer, Isle, Me and Pownal, Wiscasett, Bath.  So there are many Davis's burried on Deer Isle,  I didi not see Iarael, but he may be in Bath Maine records also.  Bath is more the area of Pownalboro anyway except that is was not then called Bath it was Arrwosic or gagetown i think...It very hard to pin down as the town names kept changeing...You have to be careful to get the town right to look things up


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