Anyone able to help me out with this?

From a lookup in : Vital Records from Maine Newspapers 1785 - 1820 by David C. Young and Elizabeth Keene Young.

A posting on the MGS page on facebook advised me:  found a Capt. Israel Davis ae 70y died at Sedgick 20 Jun 1796. Sedgwick is not far by water from Castine. The notice (perhaps article) is in the Gazette of Maine published 1790 - 1806. Copies are found at American Antiquarian Society 185 Salisbury St. Worcester, MA; Houghton-Harvard College, Cambridge, MA; Portland ME Pub Library; Maine Historical Society, Portland, ME; and Dyer Library 371 Maine St. Saco, ME

This might be the death I am trying to find for my 6th G Grandfather.

If anyone might be able to look at this for me? {I live in FL} Thank you in advance...Laurie

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The town of Wiscasset is situated on the Sheepscot River

in the southeastern prat of Lincoln County and is the county

seat. The town was first settled in 1663 but the settlement was

abandoned during the French and Indian Wars and the King

Philip’s War in 1675. Not until 1730 did settlers return to the


The town was first included in the region called South

Precinct of Pownalborough. The town of Pownalborough was

incorporated as the twelfth town in Maine on February 13, 1760 and

originally included what are now the towns of Wiscasset, Dresden, Alna and

Swan Island. Land was set off forming the towns of Dresden and Alna on

June 25, 1794 with the name of Pownalborough being retained for the

remaining portion until June 10, 1802 when it was then changed to


I know that Israel signed a petition to incorporate "Townsend" with a group of other well known men in the area. He was a Deacon in Rev Murray's church [Presbyterian] and had responsibility over the "western"area. When Rev Murray had a price put on his head by the British in the Revolution he went to Newburyport - although I have found no documentation I know Israel and his last wife [Hannah Barter] were in Newburyport. She died there and they had four children who show up there too.

Thanks for the info about Wiscassett... I drove through there last fall. I it was home.  ;)

I have Davis deaths from the: Rockland Gazett Deaths vol. lll 1873-1882

Elizabeth d, 28 Mat 1882 at Rockland, age 45 years  6 June 1882

Emery d 15 March 1881 at Frendship, aged 71 yrs 3 mos  24 March 1881

Frank, son of Frank and Katie E davis d, 4 sept. 1882 at Rockland, age 8 mos.  5 Sept 1882 

Fred s., son of James Davis d. 12 April 188 at Thomaston aged 23-7-27  14 April 1881

Gilford, d. Sept. 1874 at Rockport, age 74 years  1 Oct. 1874

Harvey E., son of Edward M. and Julia Davis, d. 8 Nov. 1880 at Rockland, age 3 mos.  11 Nov. 1880

James, d 21 June 1878 at Frendship, aged 77 years. 6 mos  27 June 1878

James B., d, 25 Jan. 1875 at Rockland, aged 97-5-13   28 Jan 1875

John, of frendship, died 20 July 1873 (soicide) aged 76 years    24 July 1873

Jonas, d. 5 March 1879 at Appleton. aged 95 yrs 4 mos (Oldest person in town).  13 /march 1879

Kimball, of Eockland, d. on board schooner "Addie Ryarson" on passage from Georgetown, D.C., to Newport, aged about 48 years.  13 Sept 1881

Lottie O., d. 7 Feb 1878 at cushing, aged 2-1-26  14 Feb 1878

Louisa B., dau of Capt. James H. and Clara P. Davis, d. 10 March 1875 at Tenants Harbor, aged 5-8-5 25 March 1875

Maggie A. wife of Fred J. Davis, d. 18 Feb. 1880 at Rockland, aged 23-11-6  19 Feb 1880

Martha (Mrs.), d. 22 May 1876 at Union, aged about 32 yrs.

Minnie Etta, dau. of Theodore and Martha Davis, d. 24 April 1879 at Rockland, aged 2-11-21  1 May 1879

Oscar, d. 4 Oct. 1876 at Rockland, aged 47-2-14  5 Oct 1876 / 12 Oct 1876

Osman, d. 24 Aug. 1881 at Warren, aged 87 yrs.   1 Sept 1881

Sally (Mrs) , of Waldoboro, d. 23 Oct. 1881 at Thomaston, aged 70 yrs. 10 mos.  3 Nov 1881

Susannah, widow of lare James Davis, d. 27 April 1874 at Rockland, aged 58-4-12   30 Aprl 1874

William, d, 10 Sept. 1877 at Warren, aged 53-4-19 Burial in Rockland  13 Sept 1877

William /h., formerly of Maine, d. 11 oct 1880 at Iowa Hill, Placer Co., aged 52-9-12  4 Nov. 1880

Zeruah S,. only dau. of Joseph A. and Abigail Davis, died 5 Sept 1877 at South Waldoboro, aged 34 yrs  13 Sept 1877.

I hope that this helps you out.  I didn't find the ancestor you were looking for but I found some other Davis that might be related.  All these towns are in the area that you have indicated.


I appreciate your hard work! 

I have the Davis tree very complete - with the exception of Israel Davis. As stated...his death was probably 100 years before these... about 1788-9.

I read the link you sent, interesting reading. He most definitely was NOT a British sympathizer even though he fought with them in the French and Indian War. He had owned Sawyer's and Ships Island in the Boothbay area - and apparently was an Innkeeper there too. There is just so much info that must be located somewhere - I hope.

Probably will need a trip to the archives....

oh ya there is.  KK and I think I hold that key.  Boothbay might seem to you if you look on  a map to be a long way away from Deer Isle but it is not and the first Davis from Massachusetts went there. Linclon County is just across the bay from there and many of the inhabitants from Linclon County in habited the costal land and islands. 

 Do any of these peple fit into your tree as I have record of the first record of Eilas Davis, son of Samuel, how was baptized june 1756 in Gloucester  He was a twin, and the first Davis in Maine.

I will transscibe it or you if you need it, 


I am so sorry.  Writting does not came easy to me.  I don't mean to sound terse or a know it all.  Im just trying to soom in on you ancester.  I don't have enough information on him to be able to help you at this time and am doing my best to try to be of assistance. 


Maine at the time that you are discribing did not exist as it does today and was still a part of mass.  None of the boarders that we now have are the same.  So i;m trying to give you and understanding of the lay of the land back then.  So there may be a bibble with information in it that would give his name and birth date.  There also maybe a journal of sea ventures of his id be happy to share what I know about this with you if its something of interest to you. are GREAT!!!

He was the first one to come from MA to ME for my branch of the tree. Obviously Davis is a pretty common name...both in Mass and Maine. I am sure when I work back far enough...they are all related. I know my branch were founders of Haverhill and Newbury MA having arrived there in 1635.

I am hoping there are some surviving logs/journals that might shed light onto Israel's life. As I said, I have lots of info about his military service up and through the Revolution but things get a bit sparse after that - including where and when he died.

I appreciate your efforts...thank you again!

Ok from what I have Cambridge Ma libray should I think have some information.  From the artical I have there are Logs of the voyages of Capt Elias Sr cpvering the periods of 1781-1799 in perservation in Harvard College Library, Cambridge.  There also is a family Bible of Elias dated 1772.  I think you should contact the Cambridge public library to see what information they might have.  I would think that if these thing existed they would have coppies. 

If you are in agree ment that Eilas Davis 1756 in Gloucester is one of your ancesters then I wil transcribe with I have from the papers of Dr. B Noyes. 

Lucy Haskell from Newburyport married Elias Davis.


Does this make some since to you?  Are these you ancestory do you think?


I spent a little time on him but could not find out how he would fit. He might fit into my mother's Davis'  branch....that connects to the immigrants from England who I believe were brothers


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