Anyone able to help me out with this?

From a lookup in : Vital Records from Maine Newspapers 1785 - 1820 by David C. Young and Elizabeth Keene Young.

A posting on the MGS page on facebook advised me:  found a Capt. Israel Davis ae 70y died at Sedgick 20 Jun 1796. Sedgwick is not far by water from Castine. The notice (perhaps article) is in the Gazette of Maine published 1790 - 1806. Copies are found at American Antiquarian Society 185 Salisbury St. Worcester, MA; Houghton-Harvard College, Cambridge, MA; Portland ME Pub Library; Maine Historical Society, Portland, ME; and Dyer Library 371 Maine St. Saco, ME

This might be the death I am trying to find for my 6th G Grandfather.

If anyone might be able to look at this for me? {I live in FL} Thank you in advance...Laurie

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This may be you first decendant


Richard Davis

from Denbigh England

Merchent / Vintner


Look it up under Texts and go to the Adventurers Tab Scrol down to Richard Davis..  This one might just be the right Davis they are in Haverhill 1641

I found very few...My Great Grandfather - Ernest Augustus Davis is there...his father [my GG Grandfather] Harrison Henry Davis is there but the ones before that are not. They all were in Waldo County - with Israel's son Charles being the firs tto move there in 1804 from Topsfield Mass.

As I said previously...I have all this info... my missing link is...where and when did Capt Israel Davis die?

This has got the be the very worst way to try and commucate.  These massages seem to be so disjointed and very hard to follow. 


I talke to my friends Connie Weiburg how is the historian in Deer Isle.  She is going to try and look up where Israel Davis died and was burried. 

Is this the Mother and Father of Isreal Davis

Father Charles Davis?

Mother Besty Davis?

Was Isreal Davis born 07 April - Died  20 Jun 1792?

I need a bit more information, I have some folks in the area looking his final resting place.  So any further information regarding his family would be helpful in my trying to locate him for you.


one reply for the two posts...

Capt Israel Davis was born in Rowley Mass - 7 Apr 1728 to Nathan Davis and Mary Davis - yes another Davis branch...well...2nd cousins!  His approx death,  in 1788-1789...

The Israel you refer to as being the son of Charles and Betsy [Fowler] is actually his grandson. Israel is my 6th G Grand and Charles is my 5th G Grand. I know where grandson Israel is...and I know when Charles died...but not where he is buried either....I have all his son's burial info. He is an original settler of the area where my family still has a home [S Montville/ Liberty - Waldo County] He might be buried in the woods....  LOL....around Lake St George

You are AWESOME!!!

Thank You

I have Located an Capt. I. H. Davis buriel.  People with him on the same lot are Annie Davis 1887, and a baby 1884.  Others are Clara, George, and I think Florence.  There is not dates on the stone of this Capt, Davis and no further records.  Could this be your ancestor?

Mr. Cook a reasearcher at the Bangor Public Library in the Bangor, Room, tells me that Isreal Davis b, abt 1730 d. abt 1783  h/o Sarah McFarland is burried in the Cementry at Pownalburough. 

Hmmmm....well he was married to a Sarah...but it was Sarah Dresser. Although there is info out there [published books] that it was a Sarah McFarland - I found the marriage records that show her as Dresser. And their son's name was Jonathan Dresser Davis....

1783???  lots earlier.... how would his widow be that far off....5 years?  Now I wonder if it was as a result of military that was the end of the Rev War.  The location would be right...

Yes that was my thought too about the wife at least.  I did see that her mame was Desser so I might have heard the Bangor Librarian wrong, or it might have beeen written down wrong.  I don't know who the Person is named Isreal Davis that died in Sedgwick, but I don't think he is you Ancester.  I could call the Pawnal town office and see about confirming who the Isreal Davis is that they have and then we could go from there.  Who knows they may have Charles there too.  Its worth a call what do you think...

when I was working on Israel to get his service DAR recognized... I found there was one other unrelated Israel from the Hubbardstown, MA area. My Israel had a son he named Israel - I find him with his dad in military service and then loose him [did he die Rev War?] or maybe it is him. And my Charles had a son Israel...I just have not worked that line much.

As for where Charles the time frame of his death...I am sure he is in Waldo somewhere. But...his last wife ...whom he married very late in life...could have put him anywhere I suppose.

I so appreciate your help... I had so much info on all the other people in my tree that it was hard to not have him. Plus, as I said, he was a big military "star" - you'd have thought he left a trail.


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