Anyone able to help me out with this?

From a lookup in : Vital Records from Maine Newspapers 1785 - 1820 by David C. Young and Elizabeth Keene Young.

A posting on the MGS page on facebook advised me:  found a Capt. Israel Davis ae 70y died at Sedgick 20 Jun 1796. Sedgwick is not far by water from Castine. The notice (perhaps article) is in the Gazette of Maine published 1790 - 1806. Copies are found at American Antiquarian Society 185 Salisbury St. Worcester, MA; Houghton-Harvard College, Cambridge, MA; Portland ME Pub Library; Maine Historical Society, Portland, ME; and Dyer Library 371 Maine St. Saco, ME

This might be the death I am trying to find for my 6th G Grandfather.

If anyone might be able to look at this for me? {I live in FL} Thank you in advance...Laurie

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Is the Capt. I. H. Davis date unknown buried with Annie Davis 1887, and a baby 1884 one of your ancesters, I think the cementery person I spoke with belieived he had records that he was also a Capt. in the reveolution?  He is burried just a couple of Miles from where I live. 

If you can I would sugest you call the the town office over in Pownal Town Office Phone 207 688 4611.  Perhaps they will have kept great records such as I can get from Deer Isle.  They have boxes of stuf on my family from the first settler that came with the Winthrop Fleet right up to and including myself and my children, my son now being the youngest. 

Helping you locate Isreal has been a pleasure for me.  He was most interesting to investigate.  I hope you will find the necessary documentation for DAR.  In researching him I found my own ancesters near by and within his comand.  I found it amazing that so long ago our decendants lived within the same town and mostlikely went to the same church together and here we are you and I talking together....  Something that I never before in my wildest dreams would have thought possiable....I wounder what they would think or say? 



I do not believe I H Davis is a relative...although anything is possible as my tree would be huge if I ran down all the branches  ;)

The DAR is all done, i's dotted and t's crossed, accepted and my cousin is in - because of the work I did. My turn next I guess...LOL  I still look for even more specifics of his service, currently trying to find out if one tidbit is true. He may have been amongst the first of the US reading a book on that now [in all my spare]

And for finding you and the common thread that binds not only you and I but all of us who come from relations in that era - isn't it awesome?! At thanksgiving I found a 3rd cousin living close by here in FL... family name of Hart. Again...old Maine based family. And his grandfather had lived with my great grandparents for a time. It is a small world. My own father was the one who really did lots of the hard research on our family. He just did not get to where I have gotten with it - the internet really has made it much easier. He passed in 1999....I know he is smiling!  And if plans come through for a family gathering in S Montville for Thanksgiving...I will have to come and find you and take you to lunch!

Cool sounds like a great plan.  I hope that we can do that.  Keep me up dated on your searches.. 

I saw a reply you posted to someone about great aunt married a COLE...LOL

Anyway...I am a member of NEHGS, can I help?  I cannot say I find the website very easy to use.  ;)  But I sure will return the favor if you need something....

oh cool thank you. I'll let you know if I get stuck but feel free to post anythig you think might interest me...

Your great aunt did't come from Deer Isle Maine did she?

my great aunt is a Davis....LOL  she married a COLE...I looked at that branch [thankfully cousins have worked it back!]. Looks like they were originally in VT and CT....then Worchester Mass. The furthest back is born 1697 In Hartford CT - Hezekiah Cole son of Samuell [no info]

LOL we might be cousins from the way back when...  Check out this link...If it isn't one of your ancesters it still very interesting.

Hi Laurie

There are Davis settelers here on this map 17 something?  Have a look Is this the Bej Davis you are looking for?


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