George Washington Berry drowned in Portland Harbor on 6 February, 1863.  He was a soldier in the 17th U.S. Infantry, the "regular" army, and was crossing with other members of his unit from Fort Preble to Fort Scammell, at night, in a raging storm.  They had been ordered to make the crossing and it is unknown if the person who gave that order was punished.  I suspect not.

In any case, 2-1/2 months after the incident, the Cumberland County coroner viewed the body so we know it was recovered.


I am looking for the burial place of George W Berry.  It is not in his home town of York.  I suspect that it is in the Portland area.


I made an unsuccessful attempt a few years ago to use the unpublished MOCA binders at the Maine State Library to find his grave site.


I am hopeful that someone on this forum can throw a few educated suggestions at me so that I may finally find where he is buried.


Thank you



York, Maine


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