I am looking for family genealogy, specifically the parents, of John Watson Gilmore born March, 1809, died Oct. 7, 1853, and wife Rebecca [Paine] born Sept. 1808, died Nov. 20, 1875.  Both are buried in Clarks Hill Cemetery in Stetson.  He was a blacksmith.  The couple had five children, Charlie L, and Martha both who died young, James, b 12/2/1834, who married Naomi P Dearborn, b 6/28/1834, m 12/4/1859, who lived in Corinna and was also a blacksmith, two daughters, Antoinette b. 3/25/1837, and Helen P. b 1838/1839.

I would also appreciate it if anyone living in the Stetson area could take digital photos of the grave stones and e-mail them to me.

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The parents and siblings of John Watson Gilmore were finally found on September 26, 2016, thanks to Sally Williams, President of the Hiram Maine Historical Society.  The earliest documentation of this search is a copy of a letter from a business associate of my father dated July, 1949.  Family history searching is not always completed quickly!  My sicerest thanks to Sally and the Hiram Historical Society.


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