Looking for Parents of Harry H Elliott B. Feb 1866 Maine D. 1948 Buried and lived in Lemoine, Hancock, Maine. Married Edith E Foss, January 1887. Earliest confirmed census record is 1900 living in Albion, Maine. Daughter Annie is my direct line. who married Alfred Wentworth. Any help on this is Greatly Appreciated.

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The birth records of some of their children in Massachusetts give Harry's birthplace as Vassalboro or Winslow. But I don't see any Elliotts living in those towns in earlier censuses. A George Elliott of about the same age lived in Albion in 1900— evidently the son of Joseph M. Elliott of Freedom—but he doesn't seem to have had a brother named Harry.

I Have found one possible 1870 Census record of 3 year old Harry Elliott living with a 28 year old William Elliot in Lewiston, Maine. But cannot prove or disprove the connection. Thanks for the link to familysearch I never tried just putting parents in the search engine.
I may not be able to help you with Harry H. Elliott but I am currently trying to track down the Elliott line in the Calais/ Red Beach/ Danforth/ Brookton areas of Washington County.   Robert Veazie Elliott, my grandfather, was born in Brookton in 1883.  His father, Robert Henry, was born in Brookton in 1855, and his father, Robert, was born in Calais abt. 1830 (wife, Angeline, no maiden name or birth date, was supposedly born in Calais, too.).  Lots of Elliotts in the Calais Cemetery, so I'm waiting for the snow to melt!         -Martha

I just checked ancestry.  I HAVE to be right on this....The Robert I spoke of above (born in 1855, Brookton, ME) did indeed have a son named Robert.  Ancestery lists him as born in Sep 1882.  Do any of these names sound familliar?


Robert (originally Robert Moody) and Sophia Elliot had Gertrude, Stella, Robert, Earl, Rena, Clifford, Porter, Daherty.  Those last two names might be misspelled or a little incorrectly transcribed by ancestry.


Hi Jessica,


Thanks so much for contacting me with this amazing news!  Little Martha Moody... kind of weird after 68 years!  I've been checking census records today and everything you say adds up.  I've already got all my grandfather's siblings in my family tree.  I wonder if my grandfather, Robert Veazie (yep, b. 1882), ever learned that his father was born a Moody.  Probably not.   


Our family actually moved to Calais in1956 and I graduated from high school there in 1961.  And Grandpa lived there with us for 2 years!  Never a word about Calais roots, or a Moody connection.  Are families better at talking now?  I dunno...... 


I've had wonderful luck with Ancestry.com and Family Tree Maker and I've only been at it for a year, while taking the summer off, too.  Are you researching a connected line?  If I can help in any way, I'd be glad to.  I owe you BIG TIME, Jessica!   Good luck searching!  I hope we can keep in touch! 


Martha   (mewhitehouse@yahoo.com)  aka Martha Moody-Elliott Whitehouse (by at least 1 person!)

Hi Jess,


I apologize for the SLOW reply.  It's been a busy Dec. and now I'm taking a French class at U Maine after having been away for 46 years... invigorating!


I don't have an obituary on Angeline and still need any info you might have found on that line.  I do have a copy of a "record of a death" for Robert H. Elliott (her son, my great grandfather, aka Robert Hiram Moody, thanks to you!),  that I got from DHS vital records (microfilm roll # 18) at the U Maine Fogler Library.  Father listed as Robert Elliott and mother simply listed as Angeline, both born in Calais, ME.   He died at 49 on 6 Apr 1904 in Bangor, ME. Cause of death listed as stomach cancer and esohhageal cancer.  Somewhere I found that he's buried at Mt. Hope Cemetery, Bangor, in lot # 111CG.  I have not checked it out yet.  I have done some Moody searching on Ancestry to 1600's, from England.  I'm guessing you would have found that already if you needed it.  If not, I'll share.


Moody's Diner is definitely well known, desserts like peanut butter pie, which wouldn't be printed in a nutrition magazine, for sure. Maybe they ARE cousins!


Again, sorry for the delay in answering.  Trying to get my act together!





Hi Jess,


I'm going to e-mail you... 



Hello Ben.
I am Annie's grand-niece. Her brother George was my grandfather. Harry was adopted so it is hard to find family records for him. I don't even know if he was adopted in Maine.

HI Tammy, I do see you in the family tree. Thanks for the response. I did not have a clue that was even a possibility. Now I guess I must try a different approach?

Hello, not are if you had found any additional information about Harry, I found my grandfather's Birth certificate, Harry was born in Winslow Maine.


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