I am having trouble with the cause of death. I can't figure out the first word before "abscess of side." 

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Thanks! And gross!

I had several ancestors/family members died of Pott's disease in the early 1900s.  Its related to tuberculosis. 

I did some reading about Pott's disease and it sounded very painful! I'm gaining an appreciation of why my great-grandmother fretted so much about every ache or pain. One daughter died at age 6 months of undetermined cause related to acute indigestion, another daughter died at age 1 of influenza, and this son died just after his second birthday from the psoas abscess. She also lost a daughter at age 19 and a son at age 39 but I haven't found her cause of death for either. Of the 8 children, 4 died very young, 4 had children, but only 3 of them lived to be grandparents. 


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