I am looking for help with three of my wife's lines in Maine and since travelling to Maine right now is not possible, I am willing to make a donation or hire somebody locally who can help me find and confirm the parents of:

1. Rev. John Clark. Born 1793 possibly in Newcastle, Lincoln County and died and is buried  1871 in Prospect in Waldo County. He had a brother, Robert. Both served in War of 1812. He married Elizabeth Walther/Walter 1817 in Waldoboro.

2. Eliza/Elizabeth Everton, believed to be daughter of Zephaniah Everton. She was born abt 1799 possibly in Thomaston and died 1861 in Rockland. She married Calvin Whitney in 1821 in Thomaston and later married Joseph Thompson.

3. Calvin Whitney, born abt 1788, possible in NH but lived in Knox County. He died in Thomaston in 1832. He married Eliza Everton in 1821 in Thomaston

I have exhausted my on-line resources so am willing to make donation or pay somebody who can help me with this research. Thank you!

David Gilliard

Placer County, CA

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Hi, I know how difficult doing research while away can be.

Maine Deeds Association( Just enter that in your search, make sure you are Java enabled) allows you to view many counties, although some have not as yet entered their holdings . You will need Java for some and adobe for others .Viewing and note taking is free for all but you can also print 500 pages free.

Familysearch.org has many county Probate Records to browse. That is set up well so you have a limited number of years, then an alphabetical selection. You really do not need to view each page and you can doen load entire Probate records..

To locate this search by US, State ,All records for the state will show be sure to view the ones Marked  More  That is where you will find the really facinating stuff, In Oxford County Maine with these two search methods Several deeds and Probate records were located and printed or dowm loaded just today 

Maine County Info to assist, York all of Maine 1652-1760

Cumberland and Lincoln  split off 1760 then there were threecounties

Oxford split from Cumberland in 1805 and all others are dated 1820, thus you may need to look in the parent county.

Let me know if you have trouble ,I will attempt and assist, but I am not the most technologically astute person.


Thank you for the ideas - I will check these out and see what I can find.

Hi David-

I am a direct descendent of John Clark's brother Robert so I guess I am related to your wife.  I will pull together what I have on the family and send it to you.  Karen Penrod


Thank you so much!


Hi Karen,

My email is:





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