I am trying to find more information about my ancestors Henry Hanscom and Nancy Slouper of Gardiner.

Henry was born in Danville, Androscoggin county on 11 Jul 1790. His birth records do not record his parents. He married Nancy Slouper on 8 Oct 1815. Henry died on 22 Oct 1864 and is buried at Oak Grove Cemetery in Gardiner. All I have been able to find about Nancy is her marriage to Henry and her death date 28 May 1889 also buried at Oak Grove.

They had 6 children I have been able to identify: Josiah (b.1818), Mariah (b. 1828), Emily (b. 1829), Richard (b. 1831), Julia (b. 1834), and Newel (b. 1838).

Any information about Henry and Nancy's parents or the ultimate origins of the Hanscom family in Maine would be greatly appreciated.

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Henry Hanscom and Charles Hanscom, both of Gardiner, owned land together in Gardiner around 1815-18 (see Kennebec Deeds, 22/113, 29/320). John and Jane (McKenney) Hanscom of Gardiner are supposed to have had sons named Henry and Charles. John Hanscom lived in Pejepscot (Danville) in 1800, and Cumberland County deeds show that John and Jane of Gardiner sold their land in Pejepscot in September 1803 (see 43/422; see also 81/112).  In October 1803 John bought land in Gardiner (see Kennebec Deeds, 5/477). John died soon after. His estate file begins here and runs for several pages. It includes an inventory of the estate.

I had forgotten I had posted this. Thank you this is very helpful. I have also found War of 1812 service in the same Maine unit by a Henry and Charles Hanscom, presumably this pair.

Does anyone know how these Hanscoms fit it (if they do) with the very well documented descendants of Thomas Hanscom.
I have seen trees tracing my Henry-John-Moses-Moses-Thomas. But I can't find the documentation so I am hesitant to accept it.


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