I am also researching my direct family line in hopes of solving a mystery. I have a John HOLLAND born between 1795 and 1802. Died Before 1830. 

Lucinda (UNK) born about 1796 Mass. Died after 1850 Maine. Son Michael HOLLAND born 1819 Brooksville, Maine and John Holland born 1822 Brooksville, Maine. My mystery is Lucinda maiden name. I have found her in mass in a house as a servant but only lists her first name. I will add link later. 

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I can't help with Lucinda's maiden name, but it says in Brooksville town records that John Holland "died by Drowning Sept 22d 1823."

Yeah he did. That was verified years ago by my grandfather. My grandfather never talked much about his family growing up as a kid. We all thought he was an only child until my uncle introduced us to one of his brothers. We were always asking but he always said I don't want to talk about it. the past is in the past I live for today. So I really don't know much about either of my parents sides of the family. It gets interesting though digging around and trying to uncover people. But sometimes I wonder if leaving the dead - dead at times might open doors I wish i hadn't. thanks anyways its going to remain a mystery. 


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