I am looking to collect any information of the Holt's of Bethel, Maine.

I am the Great Grand Daughter of William Gould (Billy G) Holt and Susie Elizabeth Bean.  I will be visiting Bethel July 20-22 as well and any points of interest would be most helpful.

Thank you!

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William and Susie, and his parents John and Fannie, are all buried in the East Bethel Cemetery. John's parents Daniel and Abigail Holt are buried in Woodland Cemetery in Bethel, and his grandparents Nehemiah and Abigail Holt are buried in the Flat Road Cemetery in West Bethel. Fannie (Rich) Holt's parents, Joshua G. and Mary N. Rich, are also buried in Woodland Cemetery.

As for Susie (Bean) Holt's ancestors, her parents Joseph W. and Susan Bean are buried in East Bethel Cemetery, as are her grandparents Francis C. and Catherine Bean and great-grandparents Joshua and Betsy Bean. Joshua's parents were buried in Bartlett Cemetery in East Bethel.

The parents of Betsy (Bartlett) Bean, Reuben and Lydia, were buried in Mt. Will Cemetery in Bethel, and Reuben's father Enoch is buried in Sunday River Cemetery in Newry.

If you have time, you might visit the Bethel Historical Society's library and museum. If you don't yet have a copy, Eva Bean's East Bethel Road is a wonderful history of that part of town, and very helpful for locating old homesteads. (I see that the Bethel Historical Society has marked down copies to $29.95, which is a bargain.)

Chris, this is fantastic information!


Thank you, I am looking forward to my visit!



Hi Jill,

I see this is a very old post but decided to reply know it could be a long shot at this time. There was a family of Holt's in E.Bethel, Maine. The father Donald has long passed away but his children live on the family homestead last I knew.  Don married a lovely German woman who has also passed away. They had 3  daughters and 2 sons. I was friendly with the wife and a couple of the daughters,. I am not sure how or if this can be of help but feel free to write back.,

Good luck,

Barbara Martin Judd.


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