I am looking for parents of Horace Collins Bragdon born 11/7/1825 in (I believe) York, Maine.  He may have been raised by his grandfather, Josiah Bragdon.  I am told he moved to Ashland, Maine 1850 and married Priscilla Howe.  Horace is my mother in law's great grandfather.  It seems many are looking for his parents.  I am able to see his heritage from the York Bragdons but cannot find Horace's parents.  Anyone have answers?

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Interested in your query. Horace's wife Priscilla was the sister of my great grandmother, Hannah Mary (Howes) Goding of Ashland and Masardis, Maine. Like you, I have a fairly full folder on Horace and Priscilla's descendants but have not been able to connect Horace to his parentage. Would be happy to correspond re: the family.

Hello, No one I have corresponded with can find parents for Horace Collins Bragdon. I did have someone tell me it was "family history" in her family that Horace was raised by his grandfather Josiah Bragdon.  This is how I traced that Bragdon line back to Thomas Bragdon who came to York Maine from Stratford on Avon.  Horace Collins Bragdon and Priscilla Howe (I have lots on her) had my mother in law's grandmother Ida Bragdon Bostridge, and many other children (I have all the names).  Ida and Frederick had Carrie Anna Bolstridge Bragdon, wife of Roscoe Bragdon (another line of the same ancestor) Who had my mother in law Phyllis Bragdon Wilcox, wife of William Owen Wilcox. All came from Portage Lake area of Northern Maine.  My mother in law is quite well at 90 years old, she can agree with info if I ask her about it, but can't really offer me much unless her memory is prompted. Phyllis also had brothers, Henry and Lloyd.  I can provide you with dates, etc. if you want them.  Since the first of the year I have trace my own family tree (Mishou/Spencer, Tardiff/Lyon) as well as my husband's line.  So Horace remains a mystery...

Pleased to hear from you. Nearly twenty years ago I was involved in much research on the Howes/House family and the related members of the family. A genealogical friend from Paxton, Massachusetts published much of our research in a House/Howes family genealogy. My main focus was on the House/Howes/Speed family and am still stuck on the Speed ancestry prior to Benjamin who came from New Hampshire to Washington, Maine. As I am sure you know, George W. House (Howes) married and had a large family and they moved to Ashland. After his first wife died . . . she being the mother of both Priscilla and Hannah . . . he married a much younger woman and had another large family so there was over 50 years between the birth of his first child and his last child. He is buried in Ashland but no gravestone found. My Dad was born in Masardis and moved to Lincoln with the family in 1920. Will pull out my Bragdon-Howes file to review that research and send along what might be helpful. Please see my album on the Goding family at Maine Genealogy Network for picture of Hannah Howes Goding and her husband Llewellyn Goding. More later.


I have oral history from my grandfather, Ernest S. Bragdon born in Portage, Maine, that Horace was born September, 1825 in the Dexter, ME area and was raised by his grandfather, Josiah.  I am not sure if Josiah's surname was Bragdon.  I have been searching off and on for 55 years for Horace's parents and his grandfather Josiah with no verifiable results.  I have seen many on Ancestry who say Horace's father was Stephen Bragdon of Corinth, ME but no one has any sources to verify this.  I have concentrated my search in the Dexter area, and there are Bragdons living in Corinth in the right time frame, but there is no evidence of Horace.

So the search continues!

Cheryl Bragdon Stauffer



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