I got a shock today when I was told that after my grandmother passed away, along with the birth and death certificates for my aunt debbie, that we knew about, there was a birth certificate for a baby boy Paddack. The only parent listed on this birth certificate is my grandmother. Information is as follows

Name- Baby Boy Paddack
Mother- Priscilla Paddack
Born- December 14, 1955
Time- 3:12 PM
Location- Sisters Hospital
City- Waterville
County- Kennebeck
State- Maine

 There is no death record, and there are hand and foot prints on the birth certificate. My grandparents were divorced and my grandmother had a boyfriend during this time. No one remembers his name, just that he died during their relationship. The family believes that she put the baby up for adoption because she was out of wedlock. Any info will help out a lot.

Thank You,

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Maine has an Adoption Reunion Registry for situations like this. A "Full or half-sibling (age 18 or older) of an adopted person or person freed for adoption" can apply to be put on the registry. If the adopted person also applies, the state will notify both parties. Unfortunately, there is a $50 registration fee to apply.
Thank you. My mother has been trying to find her missing brother since she found the birth certificate. I will let her know about this. Again, thank you..
You might try the probate court in Kennebec county for adoption papers but with the new rules it may be differcult to get results. I had to do this with my father in Oxford county.
Bob Bonney


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