Hubbard Families in York and Cumberland Counties and sources for online Maine research

Hello All,

I am thrilled to find this network and joined today. I live in NC and am hoping to find any information on online research for Maine ancestors.  I have made two trips to Portland - but there is never enough time! :)

 I am searching for any information on the family of Stephen Hubbard b. 1806 in Acton, York, Maine - he moved to Portland, Cumberland, ME prior to 1831 where he married Eliza Sawyer. 2nd he married Louisa Bolan on 9 Jan 1865 in Cape Elizabeth, Cumberland, ME. They had 2 children Stephen S. Hubbard born 31 Mar 1866 in Milton, Strattford, NH and Stanley W. Hubbard b, 5 Mar 1873 in Cape Elizabeth, ME. Stephen was a master carpenter and the light keeper of the Portland Breakwater Light from 1875 - 1887. He died 21 Aug 1887 in Cape Elizabeth, ME and is buried in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in South Portland.

 I am also searching for any information on John Hubbard who married Harriet LeFavour widow of Daniel Fogg on 25 of May 1833 in Portland, ME. They had one son, John Harold (Harry) Hubbard b. 25 Dec 1834 in Portland, ME and moved to Cumberland County, NC prior to to 1852.  Harriet Hubbard continued to live in the Portland area until her death in 1872 - but other than the marriage document, the 1834 Portland City directory indicating John was a mariner and the 1830 Federal Census for Portland, ME. I can find no other information about him.  I believe he is related to Stephen Hubbard.

Any leads or suggestions to help me with my search would be greatly appreciated.  John Hubbard is my 3rd great grandfather and my major brick wall.

Thank you,

Beverly Hubbard Godfrey

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I assume you're familiar with the record of Stephen Hubbard selling land in Cape Elizabeth to Harriet Hubbard of Portland, 29 Apr. 1864 (Cumberland Co. Deeds, 328:59)?

Chris, Thank you, yes I am but really impressed that you posted it so quickly! This is the only connection I have found between Harriet and Stephen. Harriet had been living in Portland prior to this and Stephen in Cape Elizabeth, and even though I realize how close they are- the fact she bought this property from him and he financed it for her as led me to believe there may be more of a connection than just a real estate transaction.

Thanks for your help!

Since Stephen supposedly came from Acton, have you checked Hubbard probate records in York County?

Chris, I have not. Is there a source online? Other than ancestry which I have search extensively. Also was not able to search probate for Stephen in Portland - ran out of time! Beautiful register of deeds facility there!


York County probate records are online at FamilySearch. They are not indexed, but the files are arranged alphabetically:


Early Cumberland County probate records were destroyed by fire, so there is little chance of finding Hubbard records there. But yes, their registry of deeds is my favorite of those I've visited in Maine.

I actually found in the Cumberland County Index of Probate files an entry for Harriet Hubbard  - but not the documents themselves - it was late 1880's and indicated there was a will - are those the records that were burned or do you think I might find them somewhere else  - made a cursory search of Familysearch but did not see anything?


An index of late 19th-century probate records exists, but I believe that the actual records were destroyed.

Well that's the pits! But really appreciate your help and suggestions!


As you requested, I have traced your family back from you through Richard Hubbard who was born in Surrey, England in 1698 immigrated to Kingston, NH and died there in 1782.  I set up a tree for you on Ancestry and just had them send you an invitation of it.  Please feel free to take your time and copy anything from the tree.  Just let me know so that I may close it out after you finish with it.


Bill Hubbard 

Bill, Thanks for all your efforts - I just sent you an email. Unfortunately this isn't my John Hubbard. :(



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