I am a direct descendant of Capt. Phillip Hubbard 9Nov.1693-17May1722 of Berwick, Maine.  In the Spring of 1775 his son, Philip Hubbard, Jr. was commissioned by John Hancock as a Captain in Scamans 30th.Maine Regt.of Foot in the Massachussetts Colonial Militia.  Both Philips had served in the Mass.Colonial Militia during the French & Indian Wars. 

On 5May1775 Captain Hubbard enlisted 30 men from Berwick into his company including his sons Daniel, James, Joseph, Moses and Stephen.  Early in June the company marched to Cambridge Mass. and reported to the command of Gen.George Washington.  On 17Jun.1775 they took part in the Battle of Bunker Hill in Charlestown, Mass.

After Bunker Hill, Capt. Philip and sons Daniel, James and Joseph were assigned to coastal defense and stationed at Ft. Clary in Kittery Maine. 

On expiration of their terms of enlistment, sons Moses and Stephen Hubbard signed on as crew on Privateers, probably out of Portsmouth, NH.

In 1777 Moses Hubbard's name appeared on a list of British Prisioners being held on one of the infamous Prison Hulks in Wallabout Bay, Brooklyn, NY.  The Notorlious Wallabout Bay prison ships were assigned over 12,000 american prisoners, mainly crew of privateers and merchant ships.  At wars end, less than 4,000 were released.  The 8,000 who died there are more than were killed in all of the battles of the American Revolution.  The British treated all captured seamen as Traitors, not as prisoners of war.  It was not until after the Battle of Saratoga, NY that the British laws were changed to treat the as prisoners of war and to allow for their exchange.  Wallops Bay was for seamen.  Most officers were shipped to england for imprisonment.

It is assumed he died in prison as none were released and he was not among the prisoners released after the war ended in 1778.

I am still seeking the fate of Stephen Hubbard.  The only record I have is from the town of Berwick which lists him as a prisoner at war's end in 1778.  I am trying to determin the name of the ship he was on and where he was captured by the British

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