Hi all!


I'm not sure how this works, if people are willing to volunteer their time or services, etc....

Basically I've been researching my family for about 6 years now and am currently focusing directly on the Brown line from Calais, ME.  I have found many records on Ancestry.com, but what I am really looking for is Obituaries. In the past I have used the website Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness, but there are no volunteers from Washington county.


Is there anyone here that lives in that area that would be able to search the library records?

I'd appreciate any help I can get!  Obviously if I get some offers I'll follow up with the names I'm looking for. Thanks!! :)



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I have Brown Relatives from Princeton area. I work in the Calais are too. Shoot me the names and when I find the time I will let you know what I come up with.-scott-

Oh, that would be fantastic!! I really appreciate your offer to help!


Let's see, there's a few people...


Alexander W. Brown

b. Aug 1821 in New Brunswick, Canada

d. 14 Mar 1893 in Red Beach, ME


Lucy (Brown) Pomeroy

b. 4 Apr 1850 in Red Beach, ME

d. 27 Jun 1918 in Calais, ME


Elsie P. Brown (death cert. says Brown so I assume she was never married)

b. 29 Jun 1901 in Calais, ME

d. 16 Jun 1985 in Calais, ME


Sarah Eliza (Frost) Brown

b. 12 Jun 1866 in Alexander, ME

d. 7 Nov 1935 in Red Beach, ME


Elmer A. Peed

b. about 1913 in ME

d. 15 Sep 1975 in Calais, ME


Robert George Peed

b. 17 Jul 1915 in Calais, ME

d. 6 Sep 1990 in Calais, ME


OK, I'll leave it at these. I think there's a few more but I already feel like I'm asking too much. I totally understand if some of these are too far back to find, I'll take anything I can get!

Thank you again, I really do appreciate it!





Just one more...I'm not 100% certain on the accuracy of this death date, but if there's an obit for her it will help out.


Mary Eliza (Brown) Peed

b.17 Apr 1893 in Calais, ME

d. 4 Dec. 1973 in Calais, ME


Thanks again!!

I was able to find a couple of these obits online. Elsie P. Brown's appeared in the Bangor Daily News of 17 June 1985:


Robert G. Peed's appeared in the Bangor Daily News of 8-9 Sept. 1990:



Oh my goodness you're amazing!! Thank you SO much!!

Here are 2 of them, from Maine death records at ancestry.com

Thank you, Ben. I actually did find these on Ancestry.com as well, that is how I found the death dates. I'm mainly looking for obituaries so I can find next of kin and other relatives. I appreciate it!


Here's one more...


Amy (Brown) Daggett

b. 20 June 1888 in Red Beach, ME

d. 18 Apr 1989 in Calais, ME


Sorry I keep adding to the list...after reading one of the obituaries posted below I was able to find Amy's married name, and thus find her death certificate :)

From the BDN of 20 Apr. 1989:


You're the best!! thank you AGAIN!
No problem! You can search or browse the newspaper yourself in the Google News Archive.
Oh very cool. Just curious, what did you enter in the search to find Amy Daggett? I typed in her name and can't seem to find the obit.


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