Hi all!


I'm not sure how this works, if people are willing to volunteer their time or services, etc....

Basically I've been researching my family for about 6 years now and am currently focusing directly on the Brown line from Calais, ME.  I have found many records on Ancestry.com, but what I am really looking for is Obituaries. In the past I have used the website Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness, but there are no volunteers from Washington county.


Is there anyone here that lives in that area that would be able to search the library records?

I'd appreciate any help I can get!  Obviously if I get some offers I'll follow up with the names I'm looking for. Thanks!! :)



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I found it by browsing the issues immediately after her death date.
Ah, gotcha. Thanks for the tip!!

I have this family in my own tree. Asa Peed was the son of Robert Peed m Caroline Johnson. The Johnsons are my family. Here is a link to Asa in my database:




William D Romanski

Thanks William!

Hello Kim.

I'm Cathy Kooken, trying to find Brown family info, they are also from the Calais, Me area, actually an Ebenazer Brown, but closer down the line a Henry Brown, that married a Margaret Jane Rice, anything sound familar?? I am also at a somewhat brick wall. If this is your family would be glad to share info.

Cathy K

Hi Cathy,

I'm sorry, I actually don't have those names in my tree. I'm sure they're connected on some level, but I haven't gotten to that point yet. If anything turns up I will definitely let you know!


Actually I have a William Henry Brown...son of Alexander. I have no idea who he married though. He was born around 1873. Brother of my great great grandfather.

My great, great grandmother was Susan Brown.born about 1809.  She married James Dyer Knight in Calais, Maine in 1832.  Do you have her in your line?  I have quite a lot of info about her and her family, but I don't know who her parents were.  Can anyone help?


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