My g. grandparents are on the 1870 census in Bangor, and from two sources ( I have the family Bible with notes) and  it seems they were married in Bangor 19 Nov 1868.

What I don't know is when they immigrated from Ireland, although on the 1900 census he reports 32 years, putting it at about 1867 or 1868.    Was there a particular port in Maine that saw immigrants coming in from Ireland?  Is it likely they came from Canada?  By what route?


I know these are broad questions, but I have had no search luck!


     They are:  

Thomas Whalen   dob ~1850

Delia Moran    dob ~1851

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Many Irish immigrants came to Maine by way of Canada, simply because the route from Ireland ran past the Maritime Provinces. The only Maine port with 1867-68 passenger lists available is Portland/Falmouth, but it's likely that immigrants landed at other ports as well.

I see that the 1900 census says that Thomas was a naturalized citizen. I can't find him in the index of New England naturalizations, but if you can locate his "declaration of intent," it might help you pinpoint when and where he entered the country.

I wonder if this is the right Thomas "Whelan." Applicants for naturalization generally had to live in the United States for five years before being granted citizenship, so this would push Thomas' date of arrival back to 1866 at the latest.

Thank you verry much!      Waltham, MA is where the family ended up.  1880 census and forward confirm that!

On census and other data points, I find that his date of birth could range from 1846 to 1850!   In the 1880 census, he states age 34  ( = 1846).  In 1900, he states age 49, born 1850.   I tend to believe the earlier report

( memory ages!).   Also in 1900 he states immigrated in 1868,,,,,but he could certainly have been off on that as well.       Looks like I have more work to do!!! 

I paid NARA to send me the copies ..I got the petition and the naturalization approval doc.   On that, you have to have two people stand up for you as references.   One of them was a Michael Nevell.    On the 1880 census, the Whalens who I know for sure to be my ancestors have a boarder with them named Mary Nevell.  Coincidence??


Anyway, this document shows immigration on 12 July 1865 at NEW YORK!    Unfortunately, I have not been able to locate a passenger list showing Thomas Whalen.


I am also curious....I have searched Maine marriage records on ancestry,com, with no results.  But came up with an index reference, which I am sure is correct.   Maiden name Delia Moran is correct, and the exact date 19 Nov. 1868 matches the notes recorded in the Whalen family bible which I have.,     What am I doing wrong that I can't find it in the records??

The closest I can come is the Thomas Whalen, age 28, who arrived 5 July 1865. Here's the passenger list. A Michael Nevill, 20, arrived on 27 July 1865. Here's his passenger list.

The FamilySearch index reference is to Bangor city records. has some Maine vital records prior to 1892 (namely, those which were reported by towns and cities to the state), but not all. You should be able to get a copy of the marriage record from the Bangor city clerk, though it will likely only tell you the places of residence of the bride and groom.

Thank you so much for your effort.   Age 28 for Thomas seems a little too old, since census statements tend to give his date of birth between 1846 and 1850, but I will take a look at the whole thing.


I have dashed off an email today to the city clerk to see what they can find!

I see on the map the convenience of landing in the maritimes.     Some years ago, my brother attended a marine engineers conference in St. John, Newfoundland.   He said there were more O'Dea's in that phone book than in the Boston book!    The folks told him that a lot of ships which may have experience mechanical breakdowns pulled in to St. John as the closest port for repairs or whatever.


Canada had a lot of Irish Immigrants they came from England and setteled in Canada mostly New Brunswick and they also traveled up into canada from Maine from Massachutts.  In order for the Irish Canadaians to get from New Brunswick to Bangor they most likely came on the Rail Road or overland.  There was no large port of imigration like in New York for imigrants that I now of.. Was your grandfather the first imigrant or did the family come over before 1868?

Thanks for your interest.   My great grandfather Thomas was born in Ireland.   I don't know if he had relatives already here, but there are  a LOT of Whalens in Maine.   It seems curious that if he actually landed in NewYork, that he would head out for Maine, unless there were relatives there.   In the 1870 census at Bangor, there is a Thomas and Delia Whalen.   But there are several children with them, too old since they were just married in 1868.   Curious!

What part of Maine are you looking in?  I am looking for one of my reletivies up in Aroostook too!  He is so far lost.  lol


You know I live neer Bangor Maine maybe I can help you out some.  Try this there is a picture of some school kids and a Thomas Whalen is amoung them in Linclon, Maine


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