My g. grandparents are on the 1870 census in Bangor, and from two sources ( I have the family Bible with notes) and  it seems they were married in Bangor 19 Nov 1868.

What I don't know is when they immigrated from Ireland, although on the 1900 census he reports 32 years, putting it at about 1867 or 1868.    Was there a particular port in Maine that saw immigrants coming in from Ireland?  Is it likely they came from Canada?  By what route?


I know these are broad questions, but I have had no search luck!


     They are:  

Thomas Whalen   dob ~1850

Delia Moran    dob ~1851

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I am looking mainly at Bangor, up to 1870, but seem to have found some Whalens in Portland with some connection to the Nevill family name, which pops up in the Whalen research, I just haven't pinned it down.


I tried to click on the link to that photo, but my anti-virus went into cardiac arrest!   What is the year of that photo.    My Thomas Whalen may have immigrated in 1865 at about age 17, and was married in Bangor in 1868.

THank you,

  I don't know the picture was of school children.  I live near Bangor so if you could tell me more, like what church and who married him.  What is his wifes name, and children.  I might be able to help.  Id be happy to go look at the penobscot records. 

Thank you very much.   Thanks to another tip, I contacted the Bangor City Clerk and they have the record, and will send it to me ( I have mailed them the $5 fee).

Spouse is Delia Moran, and I have no idea where she came from, except census reports born in Ireland. how long she was in Maine, etc.

As far as children, I think they were all born after 1870, when at some point they moved to Massachusetts.    My bible lists a child G.W. Whalen, born March 1870 but that child is not listed in June 1870 on the census in Bangor for Thomas and Delia Whalen.   Not positive who they are, because on that census are 4 children ages 4,6,8, 12....too old to be their children.  So I don't know what is up there !

The child G. W. is not listed on the 1880 census, so may have died as an infant.   I think Delia lost few children, and in fact she died in childbirth in 1880.

Here's a son who was born in Bangor in 1870, died in Waltham in 1876:

There are many reasons for the Irish to have come from Ireland.  Some came to exscape persecution and some because of the patato faminine.  Did Thomas come with Delia?  There are Moran's here around the Bangor Area too.  As for an imigration record from Canada into Maine there most likely will not be one.  Its a little complicated at this time as Canda was going through many changes and Thomas might have just moved on the run out of Canda and come down through Maine with was mostly woods then and still is Today. 

Bangor Public Library has a wonderful genealogy section and the people that work there are wonderful.  You should pop them an email asking for information on this family.  They are more than glad to help, and they do copies for you as well as send images digitally.

Thank you very much for that tip.      Since I am fairly postitive that they married in Bangor in 1868, I was able to get a copy of that marriage information from the Bangor City Clerk.   I still can't explain all those children on the 1870 census, if it is the "correct" Thomas and Delia, who are too old to be theirs!

I just did some searching, and I found that there were two Whalen families in Bangor in the 1870 Census.  One is your Thomas and Delia, the other family is a Bridget Whalen who is 40 years old.  She has children James 18, Matthew 16, Thomas 14, and William 8.  In searching Maine Vital Records, I find that at least the first three children living with Thomas and Delia appear to be the children of Bridget.  I found birth records for them with Bridget listed as their mother.  There was no father's name.  So now we have another mystery, how are Bridget and Thomas related?

That is really good info.    And this may be hard to track down.   There are TONS of women named Whalen, and they seem to be split 50/50 between Bridget and Delia!!!


Thos. father is Luke Whalen, mother Margaret ( FInnegan)....  This is from their (Thos and Delia's)  death certificates.


I suspect that luke and margaret did not immigrate.  

I have a petition for naturalization which I THINK is for my Thos.    It is 1871, showing date of immigration July 1865, at New York.  Interestingly on that petition, two people are listed as "standing up" for the applicant. One is a Michael Nevell ( or Newelll).     In 1880, in Waltham , they have a boarder, age 60, Mary Nevell ( Newell).   There are Nevells ( Newells) in Bangor and Portland.    There may be SOME kind of link here.


I have city directories as early as 1871 showing them in Waltham, MASS 

I do find  lot of Whalens in Portland, ME. in 1880.


Once again, thank you so much for your kind interest and assistance.

There are TONS of women named Whalen, and they seem to be split 50/50 between Bridget and Delia!!!

To add to the confusion, "Delia" was then a common nickname for "Bridget."

Yes.  I understand that at least back in Ireland, Bridget was used as  a somehwhat derogative term for Irish housemaids/nannies, etc.  

To make it even harder, there was also one record that indicated the name Delia Bridget Whalen.  I am wondering, since Bridgets children are living with Thomas and Delia, and Bridget is 40 (a little over 10 yrs Thomas senior) could this be a possible sister of Thomas?


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