Dear Oxford County Researchers!

Can anyone tell me the hours/days of the Increase Robinson Library in Sumner? The only phone number I could find was out of service. Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi!  I answered my own question. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. - noon. Also by appointment.

The women were incredibly helpful when I was there last week. Among other things (and a tour of the amazing, old house), they showed me a binder full of photos of my Andrews clan--most I've never seen-- from the Redding area of Sumner. Also found a few more images of the Andrews orchard there--including one of barrels of apples ready to ship. 

I'm interested in other images, documents, maps, plans, etc. related to this area of Sumner, which at various times was also known as Farrar's Mills, and Skillings (or Stillings?). Also info on the Andrews family and the orchards in this area. I have the "Passing of Redding, Maine" article, and I've read all/most of the published materials (Sumner Centennial, etc.) and a lot of the less available material (Sumner cemetery records, etc.). Looking for the obscure stuff, esp. stuff concerning Darius Andrews. 

Hi,  You might want to try the Zadoc Long Library in Buckfield (I don't know the hours) and/or the Buckfield Historical Society.  I think there were Andrews in Buckfield.


realted to Darius and Barnabus and Perez if I can help.

steve seames 

Hi Steve!

Thomas Jefferson "Jeff" Andrews, the orchardist, is my GG Grandfather, so Perez and Darius backwards. I'm not familiar with Barnabus--can you share? What is your understanding re: Darius's line backwards?



Katherine - what a wonderful visit we had, thank you for coming!

You nailed the hours, 9-12 Tuesday and Thursday during the summer and by appointment, we have no heat and no phone.  As a Trustee and volunteer of the Hartford-Sumner Increase Robinson Library and Neighborhood House, I must say I am honored to be able to walk through the building and work in its collections with some of the most fascinating historians and researchers I have ever met.  Unique book and genealogical works set us apart, as do our historic photographs.  

At this moment, we are re-organizing the collections to Dewey Decimal system, while culling books and getting ready for a huge book sale in September.  We are constantly cleaning and updating the artifact displays and welcoming new voluteers.  It has been a very busy summer already with a record number of visitors to both the library and museum. Children still have fun "old school" here.  

Your fifteen minute visit to ask about an ancestor will turn into a visit to the past for the whole morning.

We do have a website under construction, soon you will be able to contact one of us directly.  When we launch it, I'll also post it here.

Best  - M. Kathryn Kelly 

Hartford, ME

This conversation is getting better all the time!  Do let me know how things work our, if you find what you need, and so on.  I have a love of libraries that goes all the way (long way!) back to childhood.  And the Library Ladies were always so kind, even when they had to 'shush' us! 

Good luck!!



We don't 'shush' at IRL - discussion is encouraged at the research table. It's always interesting to have some of our most senior neighbors drop by to share stories of growing up in the area. Nothing better than living history.

I did set up an email address last night for anyone following this thread Keep in mind that we can't do your research for you, we can help you the most effectively on-site while you are actually going through our collections.

Happy Hunting!

M Kathryn Kelly -

Hi Betsy! Thanks so much for your reply. I haven't been to Zadoc Long yet, but yes, I should try to get there. There certainly were Andrewses in Buckfield, and one line I'm trying to connect to my line in Sumner.

I'm a librarian myself (at an academic library, so no shushing!), so I certainly appreciate your love of libraries!

Thanks for your good wishes!


have the andrews genealogy for much of Oxford county I am descended from Thomas Jefferson Andrews.


Hi Kathryn!

You were so helpful when I visited in June. I have wonderful memories of you all greeting me by name and setting me up to work for the morning. I hope I can come back and visit when I'm next in the area, and I eagerly anticipate the website!

Best wishes for a (cool and) happy summer!



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