I'm looking for information for Eliza (or Eleza) Moody.  She is listed in a 1900 census as having been born in May of 1856 in Maine.  Her parents birthplace is also in Maine.  At one point, she married Charles Emery from England, and I have little information on him as well.  She had 2 daughters by Charles, Ada and Sarah (or Sadie, my great grandmother), born in Berlin, NH around 1887 - 1891.  In the 1900 census, she had married a man named Russell Bixby from Vermont.  Ada and Sadie are listed as his stepdaughters, aged 13 & 9.  If anyone has any information, I would greatly appreciate filling in the puzzle.  Thanks.

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The marriage record of Russell and Eliza gives her father's name as Joseph Penley, and her birth place as Paris:


Here is the birth record of Sarah Eliza Emery, born 28 Feb. 1891 in Berlin:


Eliza M. Penley was the daughter of Joseph and Olevia Ann (Moody) Penley, born 20 Apr. 1856 in Paris. She married 22 Mar. 1875 in Paris Charles S. Bacon, son of Benjamin, Jr., and Elizabeth M. (Bryant) Bacon of Greenwood. Charles remarried in 1891, so they must have divorced. Given her mother's maiden name, Eliza middle name could have been Moody.

There's some more information on the Penleys in the Paris history:

Thanks Chris! Great information, but now I'm confused as to where the Emery name came from. If Eliza Moody Penley married Charles S. Bacon, why would her daughter's birth record list a Charles Emery as her father? The birth record also lists Eliza's last name at the time as Pentry. I'm assuming this could be a transcription error? (Pentry/Penley?)
It appears that Eliza married three times: to Charles S. Bacon (with whom she had no children), Charles Emery, and Russell Bixby. I haven't found her second marriage record yet.

"Pentry" was a transcription error. Here's the original record:


Charles and Eliza had a fourth, stillborn child in 1892:

Thanks again Chris... that one little hint on the correct maiden name allowed me to add about 60 more ancestors and 6 generations to my tree. Amazing!
Eliza's death record is now online (image here). It gives conflicting information about her birthplace (Lewiston) and mother's name (Angeline Bartlett of Bethel), but the date of birth matches Eliza, daughter of Joseph and Olevia of Paris.


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