my 6th Great Grandfather. He fought in many major battles of the 7 year [French & Indian] War as a very young man and got promoted to Lieutenant [he was living in Danvers, MA]. He then moved to Boothbay [1750ish] with his wife, had a son and daughter and a third child when lost his 1st wife just after childbirth.He married within the year before he was off to Crown Point and Fort Wm Henry, Ticonderoga, Canada and Louisburg. Among that he had three more kidseither in Boothbay or Danvers. In Boothbay he became a Deacon of the John Murray Society there, he moderated the annual meeting and was a selectman.  He was a licensed Innholder on his Island [Davis Island-Ship Island-Sawyers Island] before selling it around 1773 - his second wife having died 9 months earlier in 1772.

He was placed in charge to command  a Company of Men to guard the Maine coast at the onset of the Revolutionary War and then pulled to raise another company of men and headed off to Saratoga for the surrender of Bourgoyne. He then met up with Gen Washington and ended up in Valley Forge, Monmouth, Greenwich and Providence.


So I have found all this info... online in an opposite corner of the country but....


All I have is a statement on his third wife's pension application on his Rev War Service that says he died while conducting business in either Castine or Eastport in 1788-1789.  I can find no info...that is all I have. Trust me when I tell you I have scoured the internet...Family Search, NEGHS, Ancestry, and here  and downloaded many a book to read to try and gleen any more no avail.


HELP!? What happened to him?


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one more tidbit...the family moved to Pownalborough [WISCASSET] after he finished his service in the Revolutionary war. A small window between that and his death - probably finished service just before 1780 and his death occurred about 1788.


Other then being an Innkeeper on Davis Island... I have not idea what business he may have been in - merchant? my reading seems to indicate may innkeepers were merchants and traders since paper or real money was kind of scarce.


Thanks in advance...



The Revolutionary War was over by 1783, I think. There was a battle in 1779 in Castine Maine: I'm copying the Wikipedia entry for you. I had never heard of this battle until I read the the new Bernard Cornwell book, The Fort.


In early July of 1779, nearly three years after the American Patriots had declared independence from Britain, a British naval and military force under the command of General Francis McLean sailed into Castine's commodious harbor, landed troops, and took control of the village. They began erecting Fort George on one of the highest points of the peninsula. Alarmed by this incursion, the Massachusetts legislaturedispatched what became known as the Penobscot Expedition. The military expedition consisted of a fleet of 19 armed vessels and 24 transports, carrying 344 guns, under Dudley Saltonstall, and a land force of about 1,200 men, under Gen. Solomon Lovell, seconded by Gen. Peleg WadsworthCol. Paul Revere was given charge of the ordnance.

Dice Head Lighthouse in Castine

Although badly outnumbered, British soldiers of the 74th Regiment of Foot (Argyle Highlanders), managed to repel American attacks for nearly three weeks. In mid-August, British reinforcements appeared at the head of the bay. The Americans eventually abandoned the fight and retreated up the Penobscot River, destroying their entire fleet along the way to keep it out of British hands. The failed Penobscot Expedition, which cost the revolutionaries eight million dollars, proved to be the greatest American naval defeat until Pearl Harbor in 1941. The 74th Regiment held Majabagaduce until the end of the war, when it was ceded to the Americans as part of the peace settlement. Saltonstall and Revere were later court-martialed, charged with cowardice and insubordination; the boards found Saltonsall guilty, but acquitted Revere.


thanks for that tidbit...I have found no info that he was involved in that particular battle/ would make sense but he was not in the group involved. I knew of it and how badly it affected things in Maine.

Any other tales are welcome...



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