I am in search of birthdates and married dates of this couple also birth location. I know they r buried in Wellington Maine and had a large family but cannot find out where they came from or who thier parents are or ancestors. Appreciate help


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The couple married in Orland in 1860 (reported in the Ellsworth Herald of 23 Nov. 1860):

Orland, Nov. 10, by the Rev. Joab Harriman, Mr. Isaac M. KENNEY to Miss Clara A. DAVIS, both of Orland.

Also recorded here:

Isaac M. Kenney was the Michael Kenney, son of Isaac and Irene Kenney, whose birth on 19 June 1840 was recorded in Orland.


You'll find more about Isaac's ancestry here:


Clara Jane Davis was the daughter of Edward and Susan (Saunders) Davis, born 21 July 1841 in Orland:


Clara lived with her parents in Orland in 1850 and 1860.


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