Hello all,
  I am trying to make a connection between James Kimball and Nehemiah Kimball. I hope they are father and son.
Both are listed in the 1850 census in Penobscot Co. but I don't have an Ancestry account any longer.
  I would appreciate it if someone with an Ancestry account could look it up.

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Well I just double checked my math and the James I have a grave for died in 1816..so I guess that's not him in the 1850 census....these two are driving me crazy!
The family record of James Kimball appears in Carmel town records (reprinted in The New England historical and genealogical register, Volume 83‎, page 136). Here's what I managed to extract from Google Book Search:

James Kimbal, son of Daniel & Martha Kimbal of Rochester, Strafford Co., N.H., born Sept. 13, 1768; died May 6, 1816.
Polly, wife of James Kimbal, & daughter of Benjamin & Polly Guptail of Berwick, York Co., Ms., born Sept. 18, 1772; died Apr. 7, 1838.
Lorana, born June 13, 1794; died May 6, 1828.
Daniel, born Feb. 3, 1796.
Betsy, born Feb. 14, 1798.
James, born June 9, 1800; died May 12, 1816.
Benjamin, born May 18, 1802; died Mar. 4, 1816.
Nehemiah, born Apr. 27, 1804.
Lavinia, born Jan. 31, 1806.
Samuel, born Oct. 24, 1807.
Mary, born Nov. 9, 1809.
Lewis, born Nov. 10, 1809.

BTW, if you need to do any more 1850 census research, FamilySearch now has it online for free.
Thanks Chris, I have allot of those names already, now I know where they go! I must have looked at a dozen google books..didn't see that one.
Family search doesn't show give a result for this Nehemiah in 1850

Did you notice that James, his son James and son Benjamin all died the same year?? I wonder if they all died from the same thing or perhaps an accident...HMMMMMMMM

Nehemiah was indexed as "Nehemiah Rimball" on the FamilySearch site.

I did notice that cluster of deaths. Quite possibly a disease of some sort that swept through the family. It would be interesting to see if there were an unusual number of deaths in Carmel in those months.
Thanks again, That sure opens up a lot of doors...of course that means more names to search.......

You're fortunate that they lived in Carmel. That town's early vital records are some of the most informative I've found in Maine.
I was told the Hermon records were lost in a fire..true?
I can't say if that's true or not, but the Family History Library Catalog indicates that few were ever microfilmed.
Hello Ward, is there any chance the James you're looking for is the Andrew J., listed on the 1850 census ? Ron
Nope, that's not him. I figured out James died in 1816
Andrew J. Kimball is my great grandfather Andrew Jackson Kimball (born Hermon, Me 6 April 1836, died Hermon, ME, 7 March 1914. . Jackson is NOT a family name. I put his story is on findagrave.com. As I have shared elsewhere, James Kimball(b. 1768 NH-died 1816) was Nehemiah(b. ME1804- d. ME1856) Kimballs' father-from my genealogy.
Thanks again Aileen, and welcome to the Net.



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