Joanna (Newhall) Whitney, wife of Dr. Peter Whitney of Gray, Maine

I am trying to find any information on the above, specifically verification of her death in Gray, Maine in 1841.  Any other info would be appreciated. 

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Joanna Whitney is supposedly buried here. Dr. Peter Whitney is here.

Thank you, Ben.  Yes, I have been in contact with the woman who set up the memorial.  I was hoping to find something in print (i.e. an obituary) that would indicate more information about the children and grandchildren that were living in Maine at the time of her death.  Specifically, my gg-grandfather, Cephas Newhall Whitney (b. 12 Aug 1832 in Bridgton), and his sister Mary F(possibly Farnsworth) Whitney (b. 28 Dec 1830 in Bridgton).  Their mother, Mary Wyer (Jones) Whitney left her husband, Amos Newhall Whitney, and her children abt 1833; divorce Jun 1834.  They were babies.  Amos left them not long after and went to the Caribbean.  Family story is that Cephas was left with a "tutor" but no other information about where or who and no mention of who Mary was left with.  Joanna and Peter had other children.  Aura, Mary, and Cephas were dead by 1841; however Amos and Julia (Whitney) Cary were still alive then; there isn't anything known about what happened to their sister, Cynthia, b. 1800 in Gray. 

It's a lot of information desired, but I am hopeful that one day I will be able to piece the puzzle together. 

death may1st 1841 records say she died in Gray,me parents were Michael Newhall (1740-1812 )spose Jonna Collins (1742-1833. JOANNA IS  in GRAY VILLAGE Cemetary. Peter and faimly went to Maine, Peter known as DR Peter owned a pew at the first parish congregational church in gray me in 1800.


Thank you Nelson.  Yes, WRG has a lot, in fact, I have given a lot of my info to them.  Still looking for the gaps though.  Would love to know who the families were that took Cephas and Mary in and raised them. 


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