I am looking for more info on John Montaire. He is listed on the death certificate of Julia Montaire as her father. Julia married 1st Joseph Soiett in Bath on the 2 Oct 1837 then married 2nd Edward Young on 9 May 1848.  John's widow married 2nd Peter Tomaso on 1 Jul 1849.  Julia was born in Quebec according to her death certificate.

I have not been able to find any info on John or the maiden name of Mary.

I believe John and Mary had the following children, Julia b. 1816 Quebec, Alexander b. 1822 Quebec, Mary L. born Dec 1831 in Bath, ME, Sophia b. 1833 prob, Bath ME, John Montaire b. Apr 1835, Bath, ME, James b. 1838 Bath, ME and Cathraine b. 1841 Bath, ME.

With the birth of their children, and the Naturalization of Alexander,   I believe they came from Quebec to Bath about 1827/1828. Yet I find nothing on Julia for Naturalization.

Again any help is appreciated.

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Daughter Mary's death certificate gives her mother's name as "Mary L. Lomago," and says that her parents were born in France.

Alexander's original naturalization record says that he came to the U.S. in the spring of 1828. Notice that he renounced his allegiance to "Napoleon, Emperor of France" rather than the British monarch, who had since 1763 been the head of state of Quebec and Canada.

Why is it,  that when I search on familysearch.org I can not access this record?

You're not able to sign in?

I can sign in but I never see half the records that you find.

Some of the records I find are not directly indexed by FamilySearch. In the case of Alexander's naturalization record, I used his naturalization index card to learn the volume and page number, and then located the petition in Maine court records.


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