I have recently discovered a different Farnham Line.  My great grandfather John Marshall Willoughby Farnham wrote Genealogy of Farnham Family. Now, I found a Farnham Moutain in British Columbia and traced the Farnham after whom it was named expecting it to eventually join the Ralph Farnham line. But no this line starts with John Farnham who first lived in Dorchester,MA.  I then say an article written in 2012 about this line having a problem with this new line and Jonathan Farnham.  I think I could help

with this line and at same time I could learn something.  Thus, I would like to share with you.

Yours truly Nathaniel (Nat) Emens.

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I'm descended from this John and Elizabeth (Holcrofte) Farnham who had several children's birth recorded in Dorchester, Mass. They appear to have had one (or possibly two) sons born in England born before their immigration. I found six children born in Dorchester. A son Jonathan Sr. married Martha Coe (daughter of Matthew and Elizabeth (Wakeley) Coe of Dorchester. and they appear to have resided in Boston as their six children are recorded there. My line continues via Jonathan Jr. > Joseph, who married Eleanor Sampson at Plymouth, Mass. Joseph and Eleanor removed to Boothbay, Maine between 1765 and 1768/9. Their eldest son Jonathan (b. 7 Dec 1753, Plymouth, Mass) was supposedly at Valley Forge and also settled at Boothbay a number of years after his parents had arrived at that settlement.

Glad to receive your message.  I have only recently started researching the John Farnham Family.  In fact, I have

learned a great deal about John and his relations with the church.  Recently I have found in the "History of Boothbay,

Southport,and Boothbay Harbor Maine" from 1623 - 1905 a great deal of genealogy on this family. The only problem 

seems to be that the author thinks that the first Farnham was Jonathan when it should be Joseph Farnham.  I also hope to go to the library in Carver, MA and read the book,"Henry Samson of the Mayflower & His Descendants for

Four Generations" has info on Joseph's wife, Helena or Eleanor Sampson or Samson who is descended from Henry

Samson.  When I get all this info, I would be glad to share it with you.  Sincerely, Nat Emens

I have been trying to bridge a gap to the Maine Farnham family from the Connecticut Farnham's. The problem is, I can't find a record of one "Ramona Farnham" who married into the family sometime in the late 19th century. The rub? She was a Native American, so her name may have been something different entirely!

This seems like a group of folks that know the Farnhams, so, here goes!

- Ian

Hi Ian,  I checked all my Farnhams locaated in Boothbay, Maine and I did not find

Ramona Farnham or even just a Ramona.  If she married into the family, would you

know her maiden name?  I will keep looking. Nat Emens (nemens@comcast.net)

Hi Nat,

I stumbled over that error in the Boothbay Farnham write up for years. I never did find absolute documentation about Joseph Farnham, but there was enough other information that made me feel secure in disputing that earlier info (although I never submitted it to the Boothbay Historical Society.)

The major issue for me was placing the Boston born Joseph Farnham to Marshfield at the time of his marriage. But as my ancestor Eleanor (Farnham) Linnekin shared the same first name with her mother Eleanor (Sampson) Farnham, my first clue was found. Then, while examining first names used down through the generations of the Boothbay Farnhams and finding the name Chapin or Chaffin showing up over and over again, I made the connection that they were using that name as it was Eleanor (Sampson) Farnham's mother Mary's maiden name. And so it seemed obvious that this was the family of Joseph and Eleanor.

I have 10, possibly 11, children for Joseph and Eleanor. It would appear that only the last two were born at Boothbay. There is a very old Farnham cemetery in East Boothbay on a dirt road out onto what was called Farnham Head (now called Neck, I think) There are only a couple of gravestones with writing on them. The rest are all field stones. Its kept up, but there isn't any info to record from the stones. I suppose once that was where the Farnham home was, but its now very much a forest and the shore front has all been sold off and their are large homes there. (The bay in that area - at the mouth of the Damariscotta Rive - is Linnekin Bay. However, its now spelled Linekin and people pronounce it as Line-Kin.)

I don't have the info on John Farnham's relationship to the church. I'd be interested in seeing it.

I have the line back from Eleanor Sampson to Henry. She was a great granddaughter. I think I have the Mayflower publication of Henry Sampson (Bad that I can't remember without going to look!) The Chapin line is interesting, too, as it goes back to Philemon Pormort (or Purmort), who was the first schoolmaster of the Boston Latin School. He appears to have had problems with the church.

Anyway, I'm willing to share anything I have. But if you're like me, part of the fun of genealogy is "the hunt" and I hate to rob anyone from that! But, the info is out there!

I am researching a Farnham line that comes from Boothbay/ East Boothbay, maine:

William Alonzo Farnham

b. 1811 Boothbay Maine

Married there to Mary Love, daughter of John Love also of Boothbay


22 Apr 1833 • Boothbay, Lincoln, Maine, USA

Mary Love
Mary Love


Two sons:

  • William Franklin Farnham 1841–1915
  • Alonzo Edwin Farnham
    Alonzo Edwin Farnham 1844–1919

    They all moved to LaSalle counrty, ILL around 1860

    If you can help me find the Family for the Father, it would help me so much.

Hi Darla: I have spent a lot of time and I think I can give you an answer after checking all

of my work.  It seems that William Alonzo Farnham is related to the Ralph Farnham line and

not John Farnham. After checking what I find, I will reply with all the data.  Your genealogy

friend, Nat Emens

I would appreciate that so much. I have been stuck in this line for so many years.

To Ian,

This Farnham Line in America starts with John and Elizabeth (Holcrofte) Farnham who came from Devonshire, England and settled in Dorchester, Mass probably by 1636. Their oldest son I have listed as Henry (b. abt 1626, England) who died in Killingworth, Conn on Jan 13, 1700. He was married to Joanna Rutke/Rutty/Ruck abt 1659 possibly in Boston or Roxbury, Mass. I've never traced that line any further, but its the only place where I see a Connecticut link to this Farnham family.

John and Elizabeth only had two sons that lived into adulthood. Their second child, John was born about 1632 in England and died in Boston on August 26, 1652. Their third son was Jonathan (b. Jan. 16, 1638/9) and his family appears to have remained in the Boston area. Their fourth son (b. abt 1646) was also named John and he died on August 26, 1652 in Dorchester.

You have to remember that Dorchester, Boston, Roxbury were somewhat one and the same back in the 17th century. Today Dorchester and Roxbury are part of Boston. There was an early back and forth between the Dorchester area and Connecticut in the mid 17th century. It mostly was church related.

Ah, very interesting! I will have to keep looking then.

Did some investigating after I wrote. There definitely was a Henry Farnum who enlisted in the artillery at Roxbury in 1644, meaning he must have been born at by 1623. Therefore he couldn't have been a son of John and Elizabeth although if appears he immigrated with them. So, its not clear just who he was. But he did move to Connecticut with his wife Joanna Rucke(r).

Meanwhile, I feel that the immigrant John Farnum who was married to Elizabeth Holcrofte and the John Farnum who was married to Susanna Arnold are not the same John Farnums. However, I've read (but not seen actual proof of) that John and Elizabeth's son Jonathan, upon joining, the artillery stated that he was a nephew of Henry. Not sure what "nephew" truly meant at that time though.

Hi Thomas: The I.G.I. states that Henry Farnham, born about 1638 in Roxbury, MA. to 

John and Elizabeth Farnham.  John married 1st Elizabeth on 09 Aug 1624 in London,

England; and married 2nd Susanna Arnold on 07 April 1654.  Jonathan was a product 

of John Farnham and Susanna Arnold on 13 Nov 1657 according to James Savage and

came to be known as a Captain.  

I hope this helps.

Your friend, Nat Emens




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