I am able to trace my family line using my family history and records to John Hall (1779-1849) and Jane Oliver (1779-1851) both of Georgetown, ME. There son Thomas Oliver Hall (1804-1863) who married Sarah Higgins (1806-1879) both of Georgetown, ME is better documented. In an effort to find John's parents I sequenced my Y-chromosome and found that my Hall line is an exact match with those claiming ancestry to George Hall (1603-1669) of Taunton, MA. As far as I can tell there are only three of his descendants who moved to Maine before 1779 (when John was born). One line is through Ebenezer Hall (1704/5-1757) and his sons. The other line is through a later descendant named John Hall (1745-1830). As far as I can tell from the records available to me, neither of these men had a descendant named John Hall born approximately 1779 and married Jane Oliver.

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could help me with the problem I have regarding either the descendants of George Hall who moved to Maine or the parentage of John Hall who married Jane Oliver.

Thank you,

Matt Hall

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