I'm finding information on my paternal grandfather's family extremely hard to come by. 

My great-great-grandparents were John Henry Worster and Iola Andrews. I have a 1900 census record for him and his children, but Iola had already passed by that point. The record lists his birth as Dec 1848, but lists his age at 41 which would mean he was born about 1859. Based on what little other information I've been able to find I believe that abt. 1859 is correct. According the the census record John was a farmer and owned a farm, but had a mortgage.

I have been told by another family member that my grandfather's sister Gladys (Worster) Crabb did some research before she died, and that she discovered that John Henry Worster was born out of wedlock as John Henry Wentworth, and was taken in and raised by a family named Worster. The story says that he eventually took on the Worster name even though he was never officially adopted by them. So far I have no evidence to support this story.

I found a marriage record for John Henry Worster and Iola Andrews that lists his parents as David and Hanna A. Worster. The record says that John and Iola were born in Maine, but that they married in Massachusetts. I don't know why they would have married in Massachusetts if they were both from and continued to live in Maine.

I would love to know weather or not this story about my great-great grandfather's name is true, so I can continue my search into my father's family. I don't live in Maine, but I'm not so far that a trip up would be much trouble. Before making the trip I need to know where to start, where I might be able to find records about my family. Can anyone point me in the right direction? 

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Hello, I see a 9 yr old Charles Wentworth staying with a Littlefield family in Lyman in 1860.  Could this be a brother to John?  There is some information that Charles' parents were Sophia Littlefield & Elisha Wentworth and that Elisha died in 1860.  I cannot vouch for it's accuracy, but the census shows that Sophia & Elisha were married without children in the 1850 Lyman census.  Sophia was the daughter of Nathaniel & Sophia Littlefield and lived next to them.  If this info is correct, then Charles was staying with his grandparents, and neither Sophia nor Elisha can be found in 1860.  Had they both died?  In this same census, David A Worster & wife Hannah E have an 8 yr old Benjamin F Roberts staying with them.  It was quite common then to take in children when one or both parents were out of the picture for whatever reason, with little or no documentation.  I also see Iola listed as "Infant" 1 month old.  I would start with any available Lyman, York, Maine birth/marriage/death records.  Hope this helps a little!


Thank you for responding, and for looking into that for me. I don't know if that would be correct. So far I have no evidence that John had siblings, but that doesn't mean he didn't. I'll have to look into that. Are you from Maine? Do you know where they would keep those records? Town Hall, the library? 

Hello, Here is a link to the Lyman website.  I would call the clerk's office to see what records they maintain in town.  They can usually point you in the right direction.  http://www.lyman-me.gov

The Chadbourne cemetery on the South Waterboro Rd is the closest to where David Worster lived, Checking that out may give you some clues as well.  I would look there for you, but I am far to the north!

Good Luck!


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