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While there is plenty on John S Burns and has him marrying Isabel-there isn't much at all on her. She is also referred to as Arabel and Isabel both. I found something that had her son Edward J Burns living at his granfather's farm (Peleg Pitcher) No where can I find anything with Isabel/Arabel living with her possible parents Peleg Pitcher and Persisa. No birth certificates, etc...



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The marriage records of their children indicate that Isabel/Arabel's last name was also Burns, and that she was born in Winslow, Maine, or possibly Anson or Embden.


John Burns married Isabel Burns 15 Jan. 1866 in Embden:


I suspect that she was the daughter of Abram and Betsey Burns of Lexington, Maine, who had a daughter Isabell/Isabella born about 1843. An Abraham Burns lived in Winslow in 1840.



 I found out that Isabel Burns was the daughter of Abraham Burns and Betsy Foss-so he married a cousin born in Lexington, Somerset, Maine. Evidently back then they married distant cousins. Hard to find her birth certificate-but, the Census'  has her born approx 1844.

I just found a Record of Death for Arabel Burns-Place of Death=Anson,  Date of Death= 28 Feb 1908 at which time she was 68 years, 10 months and 1 day old. She was born in Winslow, Me. Father-Abram Burns and Mother-Betsy Foss.

Birthplace of mother and father-Embden, Maine.  Occupation of father is- Farmer. She was the wife of John S. Burns.

Cause of Death is: Gastro-Enteritis.


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