Looking for the Parents of Jonah D Heath born 1799, married Sarah Patten. Lived in Surry Maine. Veteran of the war of 1812 where he listed himself to be from Mount Desert. There are Heaths from there at that time but I can't make the connection!  Any help would be wonderful! Thank you ;0)

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jonah is my 4th great-grandfather . i've been searching for his parents for abt. five yrs. now , and i've yet to found out who his parents are . i did find something to send me for a loop . abt. a couple of wks. ago i was looking through the ellsworth herald online for the year 1858 . jonah and sarah/sally heath had a child named melvin heath born 1838 , died 1858 , the loop that i encounterd was that the paper stated the parents of melvin to be jacob and sarah heath .
Thanks Korey! I can't wait to look into that! I have an interesting theory that I just discovered too. I'll email you later today!
so , kerby heath , how are you related to jonah ? can't wait to hear from you again with this "interesting theory" of yours !
Well, I'm related to Jonah via the male drop from the top so to speak. As you know, from Jonah came Leonard Charles Heath, then Olin Leonard Heath, then Ora Charles Heath, then Kenneth Leonard Heath, then Dale Colburn Heath, then me, Kerbon Paul Heath! I used to love the stories that My grandfather told me growing up about living in Bucksport and then on to Palmyra, at the farm on the Badgerboro road. The farm was long since sold when I came along, but my grandparents built a house right at the beginning of the road, and you could see the farm from the kitchen window. i used to wonder about what it was like to live as they did in the stories. That lead me into wondering who was who and where did we come from. I started asking about names, and dates of birth.

My aunt on my mother's side is a retired english teacher. She is still heavily involved in genalogy. She traced us back to John and Priscilla Alden from the Mayflower. Direct descendants! That got me even more interested in where the Heath line could take me. I had been stuck for years wondering who Jonah's father was, when my aunt, who's maiden name is Ford, shared that she used to think, "I'm a Ford, and I'll always be a Ford", until she really thought about her other lines and realized how direct they are. So she introduced me to exploring our Patten line. After that, I felt proud that our family has a long, rich history in Maine. There's a story there and I want all of it! :o) My goal is to someday write our story. I just need more of it to be fulfilled.

Here's my latest theory; Jonah enlisted in The War of 1812 on 2/16/1815 stating that he was 18y.o.. This was obviously a lie since if he was born in 1799, hwe would have been 15 or 16 at the time. But as you know, that was common practice back then. He stated his place of birth as Mount Desert. Well, in 1813, a Richard Heath also enlisted in the war, and stated his place of birth Mount Desert as well. It;s a reach, but lets assume they were brothers. Richard's Father was also named Richard. I'll add a "Sr." just to differentiate. Richard Sr. married Mary Herrick Dodge and they had two kids, Richard Jr. in 1788, and Susan in 1791. Let's say Jonah was a mistake 8 years later in 1799 and he's just not listed in any records connecting him to Richard and Mary. Mary Dodge's father was Jonah Dodge, making me wonder if Jonah D. Heath was named after Jonah Dodge. If I could just find out what that "D" stands for in Jonah's name, it could bring me that much closer to solving my theory. So, you see, it's a stretch, but so close!

Sorry that was so long winded! But I'm sure you can get as excited!

How about you - how are you related?

~Kerby :o)
you'll love this then . i live in windsor , nh . i finally checked out this little cemetary up on the hill , wouldn't you know it ......a heath ! justus heath and ann DODGE . there were also some perkins' up there . olin l. heath married maude bessie witham , her father was lavaater witham and her mother was abbie b. perkins . weird stuff , huh. also in hillsboro , the next town over , ther is a patten hill road . and i think i saw a 1840 census list for hillsboro ,nh with a william heath and a samuel patten .
it goes me , b. 1974 , my late father walter c. heath , jr b. 1947 -2005 , walter c. heath , sr. b. 1918- 2009 , ora c. heath b. 1895-1966, olin leonard heath b. 1877-?, leonard charles heath b. 1833-1886 and jonah heath born 1798(9)-1872 . possible parents for jonah are richard heath , and william heath of mt. desert , isaac heath , ebeneazer heath of penobscot . i don't have their birth dates or proper info on these people , so i won't mention them again .........unless you do ! korey
Ahh, yeah, uncle Walt, your grandfather was the source of many stories too! I miss him! He and Aunt Lou used to visit a lot while I was growing up. Did you ever hear the story of when he and my grandfather were on a double date and hanging around Fort Knox in Bucksport. Your grandfather saw that my grandfather was kind of stand offish with his date. There came a point when uncle Walt was left alone with My grandfather's date, and things got a little second base with some heavy kissing(it was the '30s). Anyway, the story goes that uncle Walt asked Gramp why he never kissed his date to which Gramp replied, "She was throwing up earlier.". That's one of my favorites involving your Grandfather. 
I guess our granfathers were inseparable growing up. That's what I've always heard anyway. I have some pictures of them from WW2. I need to find some time to scan them and send them to you.  My email address is saros26@yahoo.com , I'm on Facebook too as Kerby Heath. Let me see what I can do tonight with the iPhone scanner thing. Maybe I can put some up here and/or email some to you.
i know that the two of them used to drop rocks off of the bridge in bucksport . they played for the u.s.o. during the war . i miss my grampa , i still hear his laugh all the time . cubby's sister carol adopted me when i was three , well at any rate , she has my grampa's banjo . that thing is over 70 yrs. old .
Ive heard many a tune on that banjo! He was a mean accordion player as well!

I added one photo. Im trying to get a picture our grandfathers together from WW2 up here. look for it! :o)
There are also a number of Heath Family Headstones located in Penobscot, Maine . Information can be viewed at www.penobscot-maine.com/names I dont't believe any Heath Headstone photo's yet, but the information is there. you could also check the link to wilson museum cemetery site for Castine. Both towns are near to Bucksport
hey , glen thank you for the link . patti leland , who is head of the hancock county genealogical society sent me some pics of jonah and sarah/sally heath . those two are in the wilson cemetary . and leonard and his wife and some children from dedham , me.
Yes, thank you Glenn. i do want to explore the connection to those Heaths at some point.

i have some pictures from the Wilson Cemetery. My dad and i took a trip there last December when i was home on a visit. However, it was so cold we were violently shivering, and didn't get very good pictures. It was kind of funny!

Anyway, I'm heading home to Maine in a couple weeks and would like to stop by for another attempt on my way to Ellsworth. I want to go to the library in hopes to do some research for Jonah's father. I don't know where to begin, but I will find him if it kills me!

Korey, I'm landing in Boston on the 7th, in the afternoon and heading to North Conway from there. If you would like to meet for coffee somewhere, let me know. :o)


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