Looking for the Parents of Jonah D Heath born 1799, married Sarah Patten. Lived in Surry Maine. Veteran of the war of 1812 where he listed himself to be from Mount Desert. There are Heaths from there at that time but I can't make the connection!  Any help would be wonderful! Thank you ;0)

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that would be cool . altough i will tell you flat out , i's is one po' ass white boy ! i don't know what i'll be able to do , but when you get in perhaps you could call me at ( 603 ) 478-1188 , plus i live with other people so you can't call after say 9:00 p.m .but if things can work out , it would be cool . ciao
hey ....scooby , where are you ? kerby , what happened to you ? i thought that you were going to get in touch with me when you passed through new hampshire . i hope everything is alright . korey


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