I'm inquiring about my Aunt , Neva Jones from New Brunswick , born:1925-10-24 . She married Eddison Morehouse in Woodstock Nb and they moved to Maine . This all happened before my birth . They had several children my family has never met . would like to get ahold of them

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Couild you give me some additional information . We are all getting older and would like to connect with them . thank you for your help

Name: Elwyn Morehouse
Address: 36 Old Stagecoach Rd
City: Granby
State: Connecticut
Zip Code: 06035-1500
Phone Number: 860-653-7656


Daughter Mary Lynne Morehouse McLaughlin is on Facebook if you would like to message her directly. Hope this helps

this is a great help . thank you for the information . really appreciate it


I realize that this post is nearly 11 years old, but Neva and Edison Morehouse were my late husband's parents, through their daughter Marjorie.
Aunt Mary Lynne passed about 5 years ago. I do hope you contacted her through the information posted here.
We just lost Uncle Elwyn in December.
I've been actively researching our families for 25 years, and would love to learn more about the Jones heritage of my daughters. One of them has done a DNA test. 
I hope this finds it way to you.

Sorry, that should have read "Neva and Edison Morehouse were my late husband's" GRANDparents,


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