I'm looking for the parents of Joseph Anderson, possibly b. about 1806 in Freeport, who married Hannah Walker. The family appears to have had about 11 children born in Camden/Rockport, ME. The given names of the children lead me to suspect that Joseph Anderson's parents could have been Joseph Anderson, Jr and Fanny Kendall of Freeport.

Similarly, I'm interested in another Camden/Rockport family - Capt. Jacob Anderson, possibly born about 1797 in Freeport, who married Florentine F Brewer. The oldest child was born in Freeport and at least 6 more children were born in Camden/Rockport. This Jacob Anderson could possibly be another untraced child of Joseph Anderson, Jr and Fanny Kendall of Freeport.

If Joseph and Fanny (Kendall) Anderson of Freeport were not the parents of Joseph and/or Jacob Anderson of Camden, at least these 2 Camden Anderson families appear to be closely related.

Published Camden VRs did not help me establish the parentage of Joseph and Jacob.

any info would be much appreciated.

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Obtain a copy of the 2017 book "The Early Freeport Settlers" at the Library or Freeport Historical for more in-depth material of the following:

"Fanny" Kendall is Dinah Kendall b 1765 Georgetown, parents and grandparents identified--Page 41.

Florentine Brewer b 1800, parents and grandparents identified--See Joseph Brewer--Page 10.

Nine (9) Anderson families are discussed--Something tells me be careful of the word "Jr" as daddy may not be Jacob.  At the least you will be given a feel for the Anderson problem--Pages 2 and 3..

Thank you, Ed. I very much appreciate your reply. I'm in Texas. Is the book for sale or is it sold out and only available through libraries?

All of your comments are interesting to me. I had Dinah and Fanny as separate children. I had 2 Florentine Brewers and now realize they are the same person, so I now have her properly in her family. I'm intrigued by your comments on the Anderson families.

I have quite a few Freeport cousins in this time period and would very much like to see this book.

I may have additional info on the Kendall family before and after this time period.

 I've just noticed that the J. Gary Nichols Cemetery Collection contains a card that seems to list information on the burial of Jacob Anderson and his family https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QSQ-G9FQ-9WZD?i=206&am... . I had previously not seen this information.

The card lists Jacob Anderson, Sr. (1796-1875), buried at Mountain View Cemetery in Camden, ME. Other entries include:

wife (1800-1872) - this fits Florentine F (Brewer) Anderson, wife of Jacob.

Grandmother, mother of Jacob (1774-1862) - this fits Frances (Kendall) Anderson, wife of Joseph Anderson, Jr (c1770-???)

Jacob, Jr (1829-1895) - this nearly matches Jacob (1823-1895) son of Jacob and Florentine

Joseph (1825-1904) - this fits Joseph, son of Jacob and Florentine. The card says he died in Nova Scotia (previously unknown)

William (1828-1870) - fits William son of Jacob and Florentine - also died in Nova Scotia

Edwin (1830-???) - fits son Edwin of Jacob and Florentine

Charles (1836-1855) - fits son Charles - now known to have been lost at sea in 1855

Albert (1833-???) - fits Albert son of Jacob and Florentine

Maria (1839-1900) - wife of albert, previously unknown to me

Flory Knowlton (1839-1887) - fits Frances/Flora daughter of Jacob and Florentine who married George F Knowlton and died 2 Oct 1887 in Norfolk, MA.

I'm persuaded this this solves one of my questions. As a bonus, it appears to give me the death date of Frances (Kendall) Anderson, previously unknown, and the place of death in Nova Scotia of 2 children - Joseph and William, also previously unknown.

Hello Jim,

The above line in my line and I have been searching unsuccessfully so far for Jacob Anderson's parents, so hopefully this is a  good lead with the Joseph and Fanny Kendall information.  Did you have any luck getting to the book that Ed mentioned above?  I have seen the gravestone listing all the names above but of course "grandmother" wasn't much help in identifying who she was.



Hi Dolores,

Ed Coffin's book is available from the Freeport Historical Society http://freeporthistoricalsociety.org/ . I called them and ordered a copy over the phone. The book documents many Andersons, and helped me clarify some Maine Anderson families, but did not specifically help me on Jacob or Joseph Anderson (from my original post). In my previous post, the dates for Jacob's mother matches what I know of Fanny Kendall, so I've concluded Jacob Anderson was a son of Joseph Anderson (c1770-???) and Fanny Kendall (1774-1862). It's not conclusive, but looks right. I still don't know anything more on the parents of Joseph Anderson (c1806-???) husband of Hannah Walker.




A bit more on Fanny (Kendall) Anderson. As a Kendall descendant, I've looked long and hard for Fanny. Her last child I know of was born about 1812 in Freeport. From 1850 to 1860 (census) she was a widow living in Roxbury, MA with the family of her son, Isaac H. Anderson. She is not seen in MA after the 1860 census. Her death is not recorded in MAVRs. If she moved back to Camden, ME to live with son Capt. Jacob Anderson and died there, a longtime mystery would be solved. I can trace Fanny back to immigrant ancestor, Francis Kendall of Woburn, MA.

Fanny's husband, Joseph Anderson (c1770-???) was a son of Jacob Anderson (1728-1803) - Scots Irish, born in Ireland. Info on Jacob Anderson is in Ed's book.


So you were able to get the book?  Did you verify that Capt. Jacob and Joseph were the sons of Joseph and Fanny?  And do you know how Jacob (1728-1803) is related to James?  In a history of Freeport, it stated that the Andersons of Freeport all descended from James who came from Northern Ireland if I remember right.  Thanks for all your information.  Looks like we're cousins!


Hi Jim,

Now I also have the book, which raises more questions.  What do you have to verify that Fanny Kendall married Joseph Anderson?  And you stated that Fanny's husband was the son of Jacob (1728-1803)   Both Jacob and Joseph seem to be sons of James the original settler from N. Ireland, but both also have sons named Joseph born around 1772 and 1775 so how do you know which is Fanny's husband?  You obviously have info on the Kendall line so do you have better documentation on that side?  I'm not trying to be difficult, just trying to clarify information.  There seem to be a lot of Josephs an Jacobs and I'm trying to keep them all straight,  Thanks


Sorry Jim, I only saw the second e mail and asked a bunch of questions which you seemed to answer in this e mail.  Thanks again for the info.


I have pictures of this gravestone if you are interested.  If you are, and send me your e mail, I will send them to you.



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