I am looking for information on Joshua Kendall who along with Moses Bennett had a store in a house in Greenwood.  After the house burned, he moved to Woodstock.  He and wife Emily are buried in the Dunham Cemetery. 


Thanks for any leads!!


Joshua died 1902

Emily died 1856


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According to my information it was William H. Kendall and his father-in-law William Bennett who ran the store in Greenwood City at the time of the 1862 fire. I can't find any record of Joshua and Emily living in Greenwood.
Thanks, Chris for your response. This Joshua P Kendall is very ellusive!! According to a letter my Aunt Ruby sent an article in the Democrat, Aug 13, 1869 Joshua P Kendall and Moses Bennet had a store in a house owned by Patch. Otis Morgan and Joshua Kendall lived there when it burned down. Joshua lost a horse. Maybe Joshua and Emily never lived in Greenwood - ha ha - she passed away in 1856 so that would explain why he was there by himself.

Is there no headstone for Joshua in the Dunham cemetery? Many of my ancestors are buried there. How do I get to the cemetery from Bethel?

Thank you again for your response!
Interesting, I'll have to see if I can find that Democrat article. I have Otis Morgan living with William H. Kendall in a house owned by Capt. George W. Patch at the time of the 1862 fire. William bought the corner lot in Greenwood City after the fire, and kept store there for a short time before selling out to his in-laws in Oct. 1863.

I know that Emily has a stone in the Dunham Cemetery, and according to my notes Joshua has a stone or marker with just years: 1832-1902. But I didn't get a photograph of it on my last trip, so I may have to make another visit.

Dunham Cemetery is located in a field just off Koskela Road in South Woodstock. Here's the exact location.
Thanks a lot, Chris, for your information. Wonder if Joshua was just boarding there but it said he lost a horse in the fire. Aunt Ruby also went on to say that Joshua bought the farm now owned by ---- Koskela. I wonder why if the fire occurred in 1862, was it in the 1869 newspaper. Any idea who William's in-laws were?

I saw Emily's stone in your photos. I got so excited as I thougth I would also find Joshua's. I know his father was Joshua P Kendall who was married to Maria Hubbard but boy are they difficult to find any info on. Several of us have been searching for Joshua's (1832) grandfather for a long time and have found nothing.
William H. Kendall's in-laws were William and Harriet L. (Hersey) Bennett.
Thanks for your info. Any idea where I might search now? I will check out the Dunham cemetery. Is there more than one cemetery (old & new?). I have a lot of relatives buried there.
There is just the one cemetery at that site. The South Woodstock Cemetery is nearby, close to Route 26, and the North Paris Cemetery is just across the town line, on Harbor/Abbott Hill Road.
Thanks, Chris!
I went back to the cemetery today and took a photo of Joshua's stone.


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