Hello...I'm trying to solve the mystery of multiple Josiah Hopkins born around 1798-1800 in the Rockport, Camden area.  I've used the records found here, but can't pinpoint the parents of Josiah OR his wife Mary's maiden name.  My Josiah and Mary had Nathan B. Hopkins on 16 April 1828.  Nathan married Eliza Richards and had Nellie Hopkins.  Nathan's death record has Josiah Hopkins and Mary Thomas as his parents.  Would appreciate any help as I live in MO.  Thanks!

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Stephen Hopkins, born Coventry, England  1583; died 1644

his son Giles, born England 1607

his son Stephen, born Yarmouth, MA 1642

his son Samuel, born Eastham, MA 1682 or 83

his son Theodore, born Eastham, Ma 1726

his son Charles, born_______

his son Josiah, born 1798, Standish, ME; died 1887

        had the following children   Susan Aroline, b. Camden, ME Aug., 1826; d. 1887

                                                     Nathan Bryant, b. Camden, ME Apr. 18, 1828; d. 1914

                                                     Sarah E., b. Camden, ME, Feb. 26, 1830; d. 1830

                                                     George W., b. Camden, ME Jan. 1, 1832; d. 1864 - lost at sea (my great-great grandfather)

                                                     Josiah Edward, b. Camden, ME Sept. 26, 1838; d. 1863

                                                     Edward Frank, b. Camden, ME Oct. 25, 1840, d.1901

                                                     Laurenda M., b. Camden, ME July 26, 1842;

                                                     Electa A., b. Camden, ME 1848




Hi, Priscilla and thanks for the reply.  Always interesting to meet a distant relation!  I got to visit Camden last spring and did find the above info in VR.  I remember seeing several Hopkins graves and at least one said "Lost at Sea".  Is George buried in Youngtown or French/Beach Cem? I believe Josiah Edward was also lost at sea.

I do have copies of some VR.  I have Stephen through Charles and that Charles married Martha Bacon, all in Mayflower books.  I have Charles and Martha's children listed and I have the list of Josiah and Mary's children from VR of Camden/Rockport.  Josiah and Mary's death records don't list a single thing about their parents or Mary's maiden name as I believe they were copied from their tombstone (which I didn't find while I was there).  Nathan Bryant is my husband's 3G-grandfather and his death record lists Josiah Hopkins and Mary THOMAS as his parents.  The only wedding record I found for a Josiah in a VR is to Mary CONNER.  I know there can be errors on death records if the family is doing the reporting, so maybe Mary's last name was not Thomas. 


So, finding Josiah's birth/baptism record and marriage certificate would sure tidy up my questions!!  I guess I could just accept what is there since the dates of Nathan's birth do match up to place him as Josiah's child.  I'm not interested in joining any societies, but before I share info with family I want it to be correct. 


Thanks for your info!!  If you know of anything I'm missing in terms of sources, please let me know.  Take care..

Aroline, wife of Henry Gould, says she died in 1858 at age 29.

George W. was lost at sea in 1864 at age 32

Edward J. also died at sea in 1863 at age 25.

Electa, wife of JB (?) Trobridge died in 1877 at age 29.

Sorry I do not have the other sides of this large grave memorial, but I am researching "Lost at Sea" people right now. They are all buried (those with bodies that made it home) in Camden's Mount(ain) View Cemetery which is on Mountain St. (Rt. 52) if you ever make it back. I am a descendant of Stephen Hopkins as well, through Giles (and I think one of his daughters?)

I have a brand new photo of this stone on my camera, but will be resizing it before I post it online anywhere.


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