looking for information on Jotham. He had a son Thomas born in Sanford in 1809.

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I am also looking at Jotham, My ancester Emily Stevens, from Sanford, could be his granddaughter, but I haven't determined who her father was. Jotham's family seems to be the only Stevens family that fits according to the information I have from Census, etc, she was born in Sanford 5/19/1833. her mother was Abigail Littlefield who remarried Joseph Littlefield of Sanford, about 1837

My last proved ancester Thomas K Stevens was born 1809.I know he and his wife are buried in Lewiston. His family was raised in Greene and later Lewiston. He married Louisa Merrifield.

The intent to marry was found in Sanford year 1833.I know the merrifields are from Springvale and their line is shown on roots web.com.

Thomas is a mystery .Jotham apparently was in Sanford with a family and had a son Thomas Keeler in 1809 Sanford as yet unproven. Later his family moved out of state to Illinoise or Indianna.

So im trying to find Thomas K Stevens Family

Jotham could be the one.

Im going to Springvale Library at some point .They have a nice geneaolgy room. Maybe ill find a clue there

Do you have any informatio on jothum steven and family yet

Did look over Thomas K. , probably the brother of my Emily's father. The dates work. I have not been to Springvale Library lately, might be worth a look. The records are not as good in Sanford, they were on the frontier afterall. Would be great if I could find Jotham's will, I may go to Alfred and see what I can find. Happy hunting.

Tom Chase



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