I am a 12th generation Allen in North America. The first 5 generations were Quakers from Cape Cod at Sandwich Monthly Meeting (SMM), Barnstable before Ebenezer Allen and Ebenezer Allen Jr moved along with Friends to Fairfield, Maine in the late 1700's. Barnabas Allen (1793-1871) was the first ancestor born in Maine. Tragically his son Corporal Hiram E. Allen (1836-1863) was killed in action at Port Hudson, Louisiana during US Civil War action. His 22 year old widow had 2 young sons and faced enormous hardship raising her sons, including William Henry Allen from whom I am descended and after whom I am named. She eventually moved just across the Canadian border to Coaticook, Quebec. William Henry Allen married Edwina Maud Richardson of Norway, Maine. The Richardsons also trace back to the 1600's in America. Although I was born in Canada I have far more ancestors in New England than Canada, principally in Maine, including over 100 surnames. Right now I am sorting out Ebenezer Allen Jr (SMM) who died in Fairfield Sept 01, 1822 since his father also had the name Ebenezer Allen.

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Hello Cousin !

I am also related to Ebenezer Allen. My line goes from Taylor; Taylor;  Webster; Charles Emerson Webster and Naomi Miriam Allen; Jackson Allen and Salome Bean; Thomas Allen b 1770 and Lucretia Jackson; Thomas Allen;Ebenezer. I will have to check my  files to see what else I have.


There are so may Ebenezer Allens that we need primary source documents to sort them out. Thanks for checking your files.


You refer to Thomas Allen and Ebenezer above.  Do you have Ebenezer's parents as Thomas Allen, Born 1770, and Lucretia?  If so, I suspect that they are two different individuals.


The Allen family is pretty well known in the Fairfield-Smithfield area of Maine.  Ebenezer Jr. (d. 1822, Fairfield) had 9 children, including Barnabas (1793-1871).  Barnabas had a huge number of children, including two Civil War soldiers: John E. and Hiram E.  It would be very helpful to you to check the Vital Records of Smithfield, Maine and the Vital Records of Fairfield, Maine (the first is published by Picton Press and the second by the Fairfield Historical Society).  There are several members of this forum who are from the family who have traced this family all over the US.

To William Arthur Allen:  John E Allen is my Great Great Grandfather.  Please feel free to contact me directly at millerivan@comcast.net.  Ivan Miller


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