I am looking for Kimballs and related families in Gardiner and surrounding towns. I need info back from Reuben and Ann Kimball who are buried in the High St. Cemetery. Anyone having any information or needing any that I have, please contact me at my personal email at lblinton@gmail.com.



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I was just wondering, Did you or anyone in your family know of a "Val Kimball" who lived in Gray Maine? She was a wonderful woman and my MOMS' Best Friend.. But I was very young and I didn't know any more about her or her family.
Took me awhile to find out how to answer you on this site. lol. Not that I know of did we have any family members in the Gray area. We have a Val in our family, but it was my Great-Grandfather on my mother's side. The only Val I know of in our family tree.

Thanks for your question though. You just never know.

We have relatives that died in Gardiner but have not located their graves.  Do you know how to obtain cemertery records, who has them.  I'm looking for records of graves in the 1850's

I would start at the City Hall there, and they could tell you who to contact, or if they have them. Oak Grove Cemetery where a lot of my relatives are buried is the biggest one in town, there are several small old ones around also. High St. Cemetery also has some really old graves as several more of my relatives further back are in there too. I fyou want to write to Town Hall it is located on Church St. in Gardiner. Where are you located and hope this is some help to you. The State House in Augusta has all Maine death, birth and marriage records online. You might try to Google that and see what you come up with. I"ve found several of my relatives records on that. Even my own marriage record 56 years ago. lol.



My sister in law is Lauralee Kimball. Interesting name...Does your Kimball line come from the Rumford area?

No one from the Rumford area. I had an uncle on my mother's side though that was born in Mexico, Maine. Not a Kimball though. My name is Lorelie but pronounced like your sister in law's. My nickname is Lolly.


If your father is Gerald Kimball, then you and my wife Vicki are 10th cousins.

My father was Gerald Harold Kimball from Gardiner. He died in 1985. I'm his oldest child and I'm 75. 10th cousins, wow. Tell her I said hello. lol.



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