Kincaid Field, Campsie, Stirlingshire, Scotland seems to resurface regularly in my research.  My gr-grandmother Albertine Kincaid seems to be directly descended from David Kincaid (1670-1722).  He married Ann Tozier (1664-1736).  Their children were Napthali (1689-1745), Hannah (1690-?), Sarah (1690-?), Nathaniel (1697-1745) and Pike (1703-?). Most records show a gradual migration of Kincaids to New Hampshire and into the coastal Maine area, including Wiscassett.  I would like to find more info about their reasons for leaving Scotland and any other pertinent info.  

Napthali Kincaid (David and Ann's son) married Christian rand, and I am interested in checking anyone's data against my own to see if I'm on the right track.  

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In my research of the Jacksons in the Wiscasset area during 1700s I have come across the Kincaids. Elizabeth Kincaid married Thomas Jackson - she was daughter of Napthali and Christian Rand.  I don't have many details about their life in Scotland - only what I have read online ("History of Dover NH")

Alyson True

So sorry I didn't check back on this site.  I think I'm getting to scattered in my research!  But I did get back to Stuarts/Stewarts in my research, (Think "Braveheart") And I got back in Napthali's line to John Kincaid and Margaret Buchannan.  So I'll keep plugging along and uncovering info here and there.  Also, do you have direct line Trues in your ancestry.  I'm in western Maine, and there's a  lot of True lineage in the area.  Jonathan True was a RW soldier.  


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