Cyrus Hill Born in Augusta maine Cyrus married a Lena Goss need parentage on Lena Goss

On Frank Lawson/Cora Mae Goud Hill Marriage record May 1911 (Son of Cyrus and Lena ) it lists Lena with birthplace of Unknown

There is a census 1880 that list Lena's name as Lizzie (could be Lene Elizabeth Goss) cannot find any information on her

Does anyone have any information on this person

Any help would be appreciated

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I looked at the marriage records of Cyrus and Lena's sons today while in Augusta. Guy F. Hill married 22 Aug. 1893 in Brunswick Edith E. Groves, daughter of George F. Groves and Harriett A. Boynton. Lee J. Hill married 26 Aug. 1896 in Brunswick Jessie L. Cantello, daughter of Hector Cantello and Christine McThee.

Both records give the groom's parents' names as Cyrus F. Hill, b. Augusta, and Lena F. Allen, b. San Francisco.
Very interesting on Lena 's last name As you know on Frank Lawson Hill marriage record, it Lists her name as Lena Goss Thanks for checking -
I have copy of Obit for Frank Hill Sr and It also list Lena Goss as his mother - I think there may have been a divorce in that family because it list frank hill as having a step sister.
Here's the death record of Frank's half sister Maude. It looks like she was Cyrus' daughter by his second wife, Margaret McManus, whom he married in 1885.


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