Hi Everyone, another one for the expert sleuths among us here. I need the ancestors of Levi Moore who died June 9, 1877 in West Gardiner, Maine. He married Mercy Hildreth on Sept.8, 1808 in Hallowell. I have Mercy Hildreth's line so don't need that one. But Levi is the mystery man. He was my father's great grandfather. Thanks for your help.


Lolly/Lorelie Linton

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Hi Lorelie,

According to another tree on ancestry.com, Levi was born 13 Sep 1784 to Levi Moore and Rebecca Tenney.

The senior Levi was born 27 Oct 1753 in Oxford, MA. He married Rebecca in 1768 and died 18 Apr 1837.  He was the son of Nathan Moore and Sarah Town.  Unfortunately, this persons branch for Rebecca stopped with her.

Nathan was born in Worcester, MA on 15 Apr 1726 and married Sarah Town on 18 Feb (no year was listed).  He was the son of Collin Moore (1698-1742) and Bathsheba Woods (1702-1773).  Sarah was b. 12 Mar 1726/27, the daughter of Samuel Town and Sarah Lamb.  This information came directly from another tree and I didn't see any source citations, so you may want to check the sources before you carve it in stone.  Hope this helps. :)

Thanks Troy, I don't think this info helps me. My Levi Moore was married to Mercy Hildreth as I have found numerable places. So am sure of this much. As I said, I have her line back, but can't find his parents so I can trace that line. Another one of my "dead ends."  Thanks anyway,



The Levi Moore I saw on the tree was married to Mercy Hildreth as well. 

 His father's name was also Levi and his mother's was name was Rebecca.  I guess I should have mentioned that earlier. :)


That does make a difference. I'll check these out and see if I can come up with more re: them.  I do appreciate your finding this for me. It's a start. Thanks much again.



Hi Lolly -- I have no connection I know of to this family. Caught my eye because I live in Worcester, MA and Jordan's reply mentioned that location. I found a Levi Moore married to Mercy Hildreth on Roots Web site, database :3117953. It follows Levi's line back to 1609 in England and there are a number of citations listed. May be worth a look for you even just to get you started on your "mystery man". Good sleuthing!  Donna

Hi Donna, thanks so much for your info. I live in Clinton, just outside Worcester. email me at lblinton@gmail.com and we can talk about getting together here some day. I'd like that.



Hi  Our connection to the Moore is;  Isaac and Abraham Page married daughters of Levi Page,  Jerusha married Abraham and Joanna maried Isaac.  Isaac and Joanna had a son named Levi.  Levi Moore wife name is listed as Sallie Hildreth.  They lived in Gardiner ME 


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