Lieutenant Nathaniel Winslow his daughter Mary Winslow Delgardo Brown Brown Moore

Hello Cousin!
I'm related to the Lieutenant Nathaniel Winslow born Salem MA abt 1742 died June 22 1821/1822 and Hannah Webster b. Salisbury MA died in Nobleboro.

I'm looking for information on Mary Winslow Delgardo Brown Moore born in Edgecomb and died as Mary Moore in Malden MA and died in poor circumstances. Married 22 Nov 1802 Christ Episcopal Church 22 Salem St Boston Emanuel Joseph Delgardo He was in the Merchant Service born Asturias Spain.(northwestern) died at sea in Capt. Perry's commission.

The family made Emanuel change his name to Joseph Brown Baptized their son in 1808 Capt Joseph Brown Jr in the Roman Catholic Church Damariscotta died 19 Dec 1856 at sea on the Baroque Estella bound for the west coast of Africa. The last slave ship was built in Damariscotta!

Nathaniel and Hannah had another daughter Maria (Winslow) Collins born in Edgecomb 1785 died Boston 23 Mar 1867 who was a widow and owned a boarding house in East Boston MA. She was well to do and had an upscale funeral, buried in Mount Auburn Cemetery. I know of no other children of Nathaniel and Hannah

Mary Winslow Delgardo Brown Brown Moore was an old crook! Nobody could get along with her. This is all oral history from her grandnephew Dr. Gilbert Brown. She stole her father's pension and as a result his was denied. There is so much more to this story read more on Please don't change anything without a citation of where you found the information the link so I may verify it?

I need birth Edgecomb Lincoln MA and death (Malden MA) information for Mary Winslow Delgardo Brown Brown Moore She is the link so I may claim Lieutenant Nathaniel Winslow as my ancestor in the DAR. Died as Mary Moore in Malden MA
Thank you Laine

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Hi Elaine,

We're Winslow cousins. Your Rev War Lt. Nathaniel Winslow, an Edgecomb (Maine) founder was my Nathaniel Winslow's nephew. I've just finished a two-year research project that tracks this family from Freetown (Mass) @1700 to Little Compton (1798), to Middletown (1712-1718), to Manchester/Gloucester (1718-1720), Falmouth (Maine) (1728), Scarborough (1729) and Damariscotta (1730ish). Lt. Nathaniel was a son of Elisha Winslow (son of Doctor Nathaniel son Elizabeth (Holbrook) Winslow. Elisha and his brother (my Nathaniel) were partners in a "coaster" named Seaflower. Do you have a Salem baptism record (Tabernacle Church?) for Lt. Nathaniel? A marriage record for Nathaniel and Hannah? I would LOVE to compare notes!! Let's talk

!! I'm in San Diego,

I Just found your reply No I don't have anything. Nothing for Hannah other than Lt. Nathaniel's daughters a Maria Collins see her death record stating her father was from Salem and mother Hannah was from Salisbury. Her sister My ancestor Mary Winslow Delgardo dit Brown Brown died as Mary Moore in Malden MA. I;m still adding proofs .

I'm still working with the DAR could be months before I uncover more. 


Hi Elaine,

I can't find the story on Family Search. Can you send me a link? Thnaks much. Lael


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