I  am researching Joseph Dunham who lived in St Andrews NB and St George NB from 1790-ish to 1830-ish.   I believe this Joseph Dunham may be associated with the Dunham's of Deer Isle, Maine.

   I found that one of Joseph's sons states that his father was born in "Long Island"  - which was interpreted to be "New York".   But some of the islands around Deer Isle, ME were, at that time, known as Long Island Plantation.   Isleboro was known as  Long Island at the time of Joseph's birth.

   Can anyone tell me what islands comprised Long Island Plantation in the mid to late 1700s?



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Hi Jeff, you are going in the right direction and we might end up being related very distantly. There is a "Long Island" just off New Brunswick.Actually I recognized your request as that is where my research sent me for my Wilbur family.The skipped over the water into Pembroke area of Maine. I am out of town at the moment at a meeting but if my memory serves me correctly "Long Island" is on the west side of Nova Scotia on the Bay of Fundy. I will look further for you at my first opportunity but it may be several days as my plate is pretty full until mid week next. 

Let me know if there is anything else that I might be able to help with when I go to dig into my records.

Lori Wilbur-Dunham

Hi  Lori,

   Thank you.   I didn't know about the Long Island in Nova Scotia and it is right across the bay of fundy from St George where my Joseph Dunham settled.    Still - I think I have to follow the data as it is without trying to re-interpret it.   It makes sense that my Joseph Dunham was born in Long Island, NY...  I am now leaning towards the Dunham's of Piscataway, NJ as a possible source.  I am using Family Tree DNAs "family finder" autosomal DNA testing to try to "break through the wall" on my search. 

  DNA testing shows that my Dunham line is descendant from Deacon John Dunham of Plymouth, MA.   I found a Deer Isle Dunham descendant and had Y-DNA testing performed (paternal)- our Y-DNA did not match - it showed he is not of the two main Dunham lines in the U.S. (either Deacon John Dunham of Plymouth Mass or Jonathan Dunham-Singletary of Woodbridge NJ).  I need to find another Dunham to confirm this result.  Is your Dunham relationship associated with the Deer Isle Dunhams?



It has been a while since I worked on this. There were three brothers Dunham, two came to Maine. I will have to go back to my paperwork and see where things were. It may take me a few days but I will get back to you. The Dunhams for this line went to the Rangeley area.

You will hear from me soon,


Hi Jeff,

Hope this reaches you 5 years later...

I've been recently looking at the Dunhams of Deer Isle as the possible family of Eunice m Ebenezer Greenlaw who r Deer Isle then r St Andrews, New Brunswick. There appear to be two Joseph Dunhams probably father and son. Here's what I know:

This mention of Joseph Dunham, putting him in the area, probably St Stephen or St Andrews as early as 1790:

Annals of Calais, Maine, and St. Stephen, New Brunswick : including the village of Milltown, Me., and the present town of Millt
IV. Pioneers,--St. Stephen
p 30
In 1790-91, the following additional names are found in Mr Porter's Account books: [those who "got trusted" at the store were..."
Joseph Dunham

Then in 1803 in the Charlotte County Registry Books:

Volume C Page 275
No 200
William Chambers mason St George
Joseph Dunham Junr yeoman St Andrews
15 pounds
60 acres on Maguaguadavic River St George
Lot 47 in the Grant to Neil McNicol and others first division of farm lots
16 July 1803
William Chambers
Wit: H B Brown

Then in 1809 in Hancock County deeds:

Deeds 1791-1861; index 1791-1864
Authors: Hancock County (Maine). Register of Deeds

Deeds v. 27-28, 1809-1810
Family History Library
United States & Canada Film
Volume 27 Page 518
Joseph Dunham yeoman St Andrews
Asa Green gentleman Deer Island
all the vacant or proprietors land on Deer Isle
4 October 1809
Joseph Donham
Wit: Joseph Tyler Jr, Adam Thompson
Recd 18 October 1809

After this Joseph Dunham Junr appears to be living in St George

m1 to wife unknown with at least 3 chidlren

m2 1811 to Mary Staples wid Chatto at Deer Isle, Maine

m3 1828 at St George to Bathsheba Scott.

Joseph Dunham Jr was living as late as 1834 in St George but apparently died before 1851. He can't be the same Joseph Dunham Hosmer says arrived at Deer Isle with his family 1766, and must be, at the closest, the son. 

The father must be the same: 

Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolutionary War (Images Online)
Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War, Vol 5 Soldiers and Sailors
p 45
Joseph Dunham. Private, Capt Nathaniel Fales's co; enlisted 3 August 1779, discharged 15 August 1779; service 13 days; company marched on expedition to Majorbagaduce by order of Gen Lovel.

Soldiers, Sailors and Patriots of the Revolutionary War Maine
Carleton E Fisher, Sue G Fisher
p 219
Joseph Dunham
r Deer Island
b 1750
Capt Fales's co
d 1834
m Mary
1S Archives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Revolutionary War Service Appendix
13S Vernal R Hutchinson. "Deer Island Revolutionary Soldiers" Manuscript 1976. Maine State Library.

Muster rolls (index file cards) of the Revolutionary War, 1767-1833 [Massachusetts]
Authors: Massachusetts. Secretary of State (Main Author), Massachusetts. State Archives

Duduly, Samuel - Durgin, John
Family History Library
United States & Canada Film
Joseph Dunham Appears with rank of Private on Muster and Pay Roll of Capt Nathaniel Fales's co 3 August 1779 for 13 days
Marched to Major Bagaduce on Expedition by order of Gen Lovel
Discharged 15 August 1779
Sea Coast Defence Muster Rolls Volume 37 Page 86

Joseph DURHAM Maine Genealogist, The Journals and Periodicals Joseph DURHAM Maine Genealogist, The Journals and Periodicals RECORD : 2004VOLUME : 26PAGE : 58 TEXT : The Artificers and Inhabitants Who Built Fort George, Penobscot, 1779-1780 Inhabitants Employed During September 1779 Laborer rate: 1/- Jos Durham 7 days

Deeds 1791-1861; index 1791-1864
Authors: Hancock County (Maine). Register of Deeds
Index to grantors and grantees 1790-1824
Family History Library
United States & Canada Film
1798 Elisha Dunham to Mark Haskell 6 355
1795 Joseph Dunham to Ignatius Haskell 3 61
1804 James Dunham to Ezekiel Morey et al 15 54

Deeds v. 3-4, 1794-1797
Family History Library
United States & Canada Film
Volume 3 Page 61
Joseph Donham yeoman Deer Isle
Ignatius Haskell tanner and currier Deer Isle
30 pounds
100 acres on Deer Isle
bounded on land of Joshua Emerson formerly Elijah Dunham Junr the southwest part of Deer Isle
beginning at the road in the cove formerly called Elijah Donham's Harbour, at said Donham's original bounds being the northerly bounds
thence east northeast running so far back as to make 100 acres of land running a southeast course to Samuel Trundy's land
thence a west course to the creek
thence a south course across the neck of land to the Southwest Harbour
bounded at the outlet of the salt pond hold
thence west southerly by the water to Sheep Island bar
thence northeasterly to the first mentioned bounds
including the islands and mill privileges
7 September 1789
Joseph Donham
Wit: Joshua Haskell, Elijah Donham Junr
Recd and Entered Septr 18th 1794

Is he the same r Deer Isle 1820 census? The death date of 1834 keeps getting repeated, but I can't find any source.

It looks to me like the Joseph Dunham r St Andrews related to Dunhams of Deer Isle, since land in Deer Isle sold by Joseph Dunham r St Andrews. Also, probably related to the Joseph Dunham of St George. 

I don't subscribe to the Long Island, New York, theory. Seeing the string through St Andrews, St George and Deer Isle, as well as the Loyalist migration and later flow of people from mid-coast Maine to Charlotte County, New Brunswick, I bet that the Dunhams of Deer Isle and Charlotte County are the same family.

Long Island, Maine, is in Cumberland County. It's off the coast of Falmouth, the commercial center of Maine in the Revolutionary period. The Deer Isle Dunhams were apparently in Cumberland County before coming to DI about 1763. The father Elijah Dunham was stationed in various places in the area with the militia during the 1750s.



Are you descended from any of these Dunhams? Have you don't DNA testing? Are you are GEDmatch? 

Also, I tried to reach the Dunham Singletary website, but it was down.

William D Romanski




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